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India: Beef Politics Could Trigger A Nuclear War

A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. (Henry A. Wallace)

India´s fundamentalist RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) the mentor outfit of Prime Minister Modi pushed posters through (January 05, 2014) central Indian churches with the message reading "Your Christianity is a SAMASYA (problem) so our mission is Gharwapsi (home returning {from Christianity to Hinduism}) and now onwards there will be no Christianity but only Hindutva, no Bible but only Bhagvad Gita (Hindu Scriptures). The only option for you (Christians) is either to convert or else leave Hindurashtra (Hindu country) soon. We are committed to erase Christianity from India by 2021. Hindu nation will be a reality". To give it a kick-start 30 Christians as reported were converted by force in Alappuzaha district of Kerala India on December 21, 2014.

Indian Express reports (January 08, 2015) that Hindu outfit plans to finish Islam, Christianity by 2021. Converting forcibly two hundred Muslims to Hinduism the group stated that "We have not done any conversion. We have ensured ghar wapsi (home returning). Why they (political parties) did not utter a word when Hindus are converted? What´s their objection when we ensure that they come back to the religion?" Dalits, practicing Hindus and Buddhists, making 33% of total Indian population also are not spared of wrath and vengeance wrapped in nostalgia guided by mythology. The caste war takes the toll day in and day out.

Displaying the height of intolerance and cowardice the fascists demonstrated the deeds in not so distant past by burning alive Australian evangelist, his wife and two children locking them in their own car to give vent to the anger and bigotry hidden in their chests. The young women wing of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) the cultural wing of RSS known as DURGA VAHINI are trained in guns and explosives to spread terror and fear among the minorities of India. It is generally known that all these Hindu fundamentalist groups are backed by police, paramilitary and army and that is what makes them potently powerful and detrimental.

A renewed ongoing spurt of violence particularly against Muslims claimed few lives through burning, lynching and frenzied attacks of unruly mobs on localities and places of worship of minorities. The anti-beef crusader´s rumour mongering about beef consumption sent shockwaves throughout India. Carnatic vocalist and author T.M.Krishna in his open letter to prime minister Modi (October 09, 2015) highlighted his sentiments saying "This is not the time for platitudes, Pradhan Mantriji (Prime Minister) but for a ringing condemnation from you, a kind of condemnation which will leave no one in doubt that the Indian State is not going to tolerate anyone being killed for his views, his faith, his food".

Summons issued by a federal court in New York against Prime Minister Modi for his role in anti-Muslim pogrom and nine year visa ban are collecting dust and the court case is kept in abeyance for future to open it for delivering justice for crimes committed against humanity, extra-judicial killings, torture and inflicting mental and physical trauma on the victims, mostly from the Muslim community in Gujarat in 2002.

In Kashmir maintaining continuity in the cycle of violence Indian army is busy as ever crushing the rebellion using all means of coercion and suppression. Beef ban imposed in Muslim majority Kashmir has further aggravated the situation resulting in more killings and injuries. India´s problems in the recent days have multiplied due to free hand given to fascist groups to deal with Muslims, Christians, Dalits and other minorities.

The political analysts believe that Modi government on purpose is creating a situation within the country to send out feelers internationally that India has internal problems to deal with and the usual rhetoric about Pakistan´s involvement becomes handy. India has now started a campaign to harass and chase away Pakistani artists, film actors, singers and sports personalities. The main aim as perceived is to downplay the revival of highlighted Kashmir problem on international level.

Pakistan currently has taken a solid stand on Kashmir issue as India has been playing a dillydallying role trying to put Kashmir on the back burner. Pakistani Prime Minister now in Washington, as reported, in one to one meeting with President Obama explained the need for solving Kashmir a nuclear flashpoint and passed on the dossier containing the details of Indian interference and indulgence sponsoring terrorism in Pakistani cities.

Since the times Kashmir was occupied India used erstwhile Soviet Union´s VETO power to prolong any progress on UN Security Council Resolutions giving right of self-determination to people of Kashmir. Now for nearly two decades India managed to gain time using "bilateral dialogue" mantra but whenever the time for talks were scheduled to be held India refused to talk on Kashmir. In order to ensure the maintenance of world peace, President Obama was briefed for the vitally important role that the international community must play to mediate and ask India to come on the negotiating table to solve the long standing issue of Kashmir.


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