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Elites Pursue Crowd Control on Global Warming Adaptation

The indiscriminate rising of the average atmospheric temperature has for some time now dominated the stage of global awareness creation. The effects of global warming and climate change have been predicted to become very profound in the near future but the question is, “why are some elite few trying so hard to deceive the entire world population?

There have been uncountable instances where some few elite world leaders and powerful organizations have made rallying calls for the entire world populace to find ways and means of adapting to the ever-changing climatic conditions in order to ensure that people are able to live longer on this earth. However, all those calls are just nothing but empty propagandas that are being churned out to deceive the entire population into thinking that the only way to ensure the survival of the human race on this earth is through adaptation.

Humans do not need to adapt to the issue of global warming as there are far better ways and strategies that can be used to eliminate global warming and the negative effects that it brings. Instead of entreating people to rather adapt to climate change, these leaders should be thinking about formulating proper economic policies that will help in bringing to the barest minimum the total dependence of humans on fossil fuel and oil-based energy.

When the issue of nuclear wars were first raced, these same leaders came out to paint a completely different picture to the whole world and latest developments with regards to the problem of climate change just goes on to show that this is another carefully perpetuated lie by our leaders in a bid to deceive the entire population. The main aim of this elite group of people is to control the entire world population on the problem of global warming and deceive people into thinking that through adaptation, everything will be just fine.

Sadly though, nothing is ever going to be fine if people decide to follow these so-called leaders’ ideas about adapting to global warming. The hard truth is that if nothing serious and immediate is done to help curb the problem of global warming, there will be a cascading destruction to the biosphere that will lead of a substantial part of the global population perishing. This is the glaring consequence that the world faces and just as these elite few are known to do, they have come out with a new strategy to deceive people just to make sure that nothing drastic is done to change the distribution of financial resources in the world. Climate change is like a runaway freight train that cannot in any way be contained for any adaptation and those who support this myth do so because they seek to resist changes t the economic system that would affect their financial prowess.

There are leaders who make huge profits from fossil fuel and oil-based energy sources and as such are willing to do anything just to ensure that the world keeps on using such energy sources. This is why these world leaders do not want to hear anything about switching to a more environmentally friendly fuel sources like solar, hydro and geothermal and the shutting down of fossil fuel producing companies. It is time for people to stop listening to such fabricated lies by some elite few in the society and act by implementing drastic environmentally friendly policies that will help ensure the survival of the human race.


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