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Incessant Bushfires and Its Impact on the Weather

In an era where there are countless campaigns in various forms about the need to protect the environment, it is a bit surprising to realise that such warnings have landed on deaf eyes. With bushfires being a major cause for the deplorable state of the weather in most parts of the world, it appears stiffer measures have to be put in place in other to ensure that a sustainable environment is created.

There is always widespread news of indiscriminate bushfires all over the world but the situation is a bit different in the West African country of Ghana. Whilst most of the bushfires reported around the world are mostly accidental, that is not the case with bushfires that occur in Ghana. There are people who actually do set fire to forests during the dry season for their various selfish gains. The major reason for majority of the seasonal bushfires that occur in Ghana is just to get the chance to enjoy some of the meat of some of the wild animals. Bushfires in most parts of Ghana are now seen as a part of the dry season and so people are no more surprised when such incidents are reported.

It remains a very big mystery as to how a person can be so bent on destroying the environment even if it directly affects him or her. Currently, countless numbers of villages find it very difficult to get access to portable drinking water as most of the water bodies immediately dry up as soon as the dry season sets in from October to February. The effects of the dry season are always severe every year but that has never deterred the inhabitants from such a dangerous path. Aside the usual destruction to vegetation and wildlife that come with bushfires, precious lives and properties worth a lot of money are also lost during such incidents. The change in the climatic conditions has also had very little impact in getting the people to become aware of how their incessant and indiscriminate bushfires tend to affect the environment and everything in it.

When one takes a tour through most of the once forest areas, one is always bound to find some of the very deplorable living conditions of the people. In such areas, it is never surprising to come across a community making use of the same water source as animals like cattle. With this dangerous trend of intentionally setting fire to vegetation, it is about high time some drastic measures are taken in order to ensure that the environment is protected from complete destruction.


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