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Saudi approach toward Rohingya Muslims!

As the most important Islamic nation, Saudi Arabian policy towards  problems being faced by Islamic world merits attention.

Generally, Saudi Arabia does not intervene if a Muslim nation faces any imperialist or fascist threat from any non-Muslim country. Similarly, if Muslim minority populations are attacked in a non-Muslim nation by the regime, or its military or police or by the majority population as a sign of hatred towards Islam, Saudi Arabia does not make m any comments, let alone criticize that inhuman act.

This kind of insensitive Saudi attitude has not only disillusioned the affected Muslim populations across the globe but also emboldened the foes of Islam  However, Saudi Arabia has  accepted the Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled their mother land Myanmar.

Riyadh has adopted the same approach towards the genocides of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar regime and it’s military. Today, the hapless and unfortunate people known as Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar live at the mercy of Bangladeshis.

However, Saudi Arabia is already home to around a quarter-million Burmese Muslims who took refuge in the kingdom under the late King Faisal in the 1960s. The kingdom pledged $15 million in aid to the Rohingya last month.

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is as much a criminal state as Israel has been and as a criminal state it has been fully engaged in killing people. Muslims have been its favorite target for decades and centuries and when Burma became Myanmar the new constitutional extra fittings made the state persecution of Muslims fairly easier.

The pipeline became operational in April following years of delays. It allows tankers to bypass the Strait of Malacca, cutting typical voyages by about seven days. A natural gas pipeline from Burma's Shwe gas field runs alongside it.

As the world's biggest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia competes with Russia to be China's top crude supplier, expanding its footprint there requires Burma's help.


Myanmar Muslims

Every human has national identity eve if one does not claim it. But Myanmar has imposed the fate of nationahoodlessness on its own Rohingya Muslims, kills them, torture and chases them out of their homes and nation.

The story of pathetic existence of Muslims in Myanmar and their ill treatment by Burmese military, police and criminalized Buddhist monks has been narrated by many world writers. Since USA and other world powers back the military regime in Myanmar the crimes continue unabated. USA and Israel sell terror goods to Myanmar so that the military could “deal” with Muslims.

Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar today are a people without a state and targeted by the state and its military and thus prone to worst kinds of state terrorism. The state terrorizes the Muslims and forces them to run for life and cover and they go to the neighboring nations for protection. More and more of them are being driven out of their nation-Myanmar. How can that be? 

When Rohingya Muslims fled persecution and slaughter in Burma in past decades, tens of thousands found refuge in Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's holiest sites. This time around, Muslim leaders from the Persian Gulf to Pakistan have offered little more than condemnation and urgently needed humanitarian aid.

More than 500,000 people — roughly half the Rohingya Muslim population in Myanmar (Burma) — have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh over the past year, mostly in the last month. The United Nations human rights chief has described Burma's military crackdown and allied Buddhist mob attacks as “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.”

The lack of a stronger response by Muslim-majority countries partly comes down to their lucrative business interests in South East Asia, experts say. Much of the Middle East is also buckling under its own refugee crisis sparked by years of upheaval in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

What has been happening to Rohingya Muslims for decades of persecution by the Myanmari military regime is nothing short of holocaust. That the UNSC does not take any steps to end persecution of and genocides of Muslims makes the situation explosive and worst. Burmese regime does not want any Muslim to be alive.

Continued genocides and attacks on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is an international shame- a shame for international community. .

In 1992, 250,000 Rohingya Muslims fled to neighbouring Bangladesh to escape the persecution, while more than 100,000 are living in the Gulf States, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. Due to fear of extreme repression, Rohingya Muslims left the northern Arakan region, especially Buthidaung and Maungdaw.

World’s most persecuted humans

Rohingya Muslims  have been called one of the world’s most persecuted people….in addition to their almost total lack of legal rights, many have been regularly beaten by police, forced to do slave labor and jailed for little or no reason. Military bullets target only Muslims.

Continued violence against minority and their ill-treatment by the Myanmar government has annoyed the entire world, especially the Islamic world. Even as Muslims are targeted by the colonialist regimes in New Delhi and Tel Aviv, the perpetual crimes being committed against the Rohingya Muslims try to overtake them.

Like people from war ravaged Syria who throng European nations as refugees, exodus of Rohingya Muslims takes shelter in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The pictures on social media and migrated persons verify “the rivers of blood, beheading of children and burning people alive—you do not have to be a Muslim to protest this or discern the truth, any person with even a tiniest bit of humanity, as to their hearts will quiver with pain.

Even going by the UN estimates, over 1,000 people may have been killed in the crackdown launched by Myanmar army in Rakhine state. Approximately 500 Muslims were slain during the military operations, while it continues unabated. But media of some Islamic countries pointed out that more that 3000 Muslims have been killed since August 25, 2017 and more than 100,000 civilians have been displaced in Rakhine.

Rakhine State or Arakan is one of the poorest provinces of Myanmar. Among the 3 million Rakhines, there are about 1.3 million Rohingyas in Rakhine State, who have been living there for centuries, and others are Buddhists who are in majority. In 1942, the criminal sections of majority Buddhists carried out massive genocide of Muslims and at least 150, 000 Muslims were massacred. During the military rule (1962-88) in Burma, Rohingyas were treated as foreigners and gradually their nationality was taken away. During that era, more than 200,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. Only 32600 were given formal protection as refugees.

Historically, Rohingya Muslims arrived in Myanmar in early seventh century. The military junta always is allowed to play the pivotal role in targeting the minority Muslims. It embarked on a systematic program of religious cleansing of the Burmese Muslims who are denied their basic rights, i.e. the right to freedom of movement, marriage, faith, identity, ownership, language, culture, citizenship, education etc. They have also been barred from government employment

State crimes and crisis of refugees

In 2012, thousands of Burmese Muslims were butchered, while brutal methods of torturing, killing, inflicting physical and causing mental harm on them were employed by the extremist Buddhists. Instead of resolving the problem by protecting the minority Muslims, the Burmese military regime was being backed by the US clandestinely and supported the Buddhist rioters. Eye witnesses had revealed that Buddhist extremists have torched several mosques, shops and houses of Muslims. Even Burmese military and police have been found involved in massacre, targeted killings, disappearances and rape of Muslim women.

About 270,000 refugees, mostly Rohingya Muslims, have fled to Bangladesh in the last two weeks. During the crackdowns, security forces committed deliberate human rights violations such as mass gang rapes, merciless killings, brutal beatings, beheadings of babies and children, arson and looting the houses of the Rohingya Muslims. They razed several villages to the ground.

 Since August 25, this year, brutal military operations against the Rohingya Muslims across the Rakhine State accelerated in Myanmar, which forced thousands of the Muslims to migrate to Bangladesh. Some of them have gone to India too but the  BJP regime was eager to  throw them out by calling them terrorists. The Burmese regime has launched the Zionist type onslaught on Rohingya Muslims but the UNSC and world powers do not raise their otherwise loud voice against the military controlled regime in Myanmar.

State brutalities

Images of burnt Muslim villages in Burma and of traumatized and often barefoot Rohingya women, children and elderly crossing into Bangladesh sparked protests in several Muslim countries. A large rally was held to denounce the crisis in Indonesia, which is working to boost bilateral trade with Burma to $1 billion a year.

In 1992, 250,000 Rohingya Muslims fled to neighbouring Bangladesh to escape the persecution, while more than 100,000 are living in the Gulf States, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. Due to fear of extreme repression, Rohingya Muslims left the northern Arakan region, especially Buthidaung and Maungdaw.

Human rights groups raised the pressure on Aung San suu Kyi, the de facto head of Myanmar’s government and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who once embodied her country’s fight for democracy and human rights, has drawn international condemnation for failing to address ongoing rights’ abuses of the Muslim minority.

US-Israel duo accelerates Burmese state crimes

A recently opened pipeline running through Myanmar, also known as Burma, carries oil from Arab countries and the Caucuses to China's landlocked Yunnan Province. The 771-kilometre (479-mile) pipeline starts at the Bay of Bengal in western Burma's Rakhine state, from where most of the Rohingya have been forced out.

In 2011, a subsidiary of state oil giant Saudi Aramco and PetroChina, an arm of China's state-owned CNPC, signed a deal to supply China's southwestern Yunnan Province with up to 200,000 barrels per day of crude oil, just under half of the pipeline's capacity.

Saudi Aramco did not immediately respond to a request for comment on shipments through the pipeline. “One could argue that Saudi Arabia is less likely to be outspoken on this (Rohingya) issue because it actually relies on the Burmese government to protect the physical security of the pipeline,” said Bo Kong, a senior associate at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies who has written about China's global petroleum policy.

US-Israel terror twins have been aiming to end the Palestinian race once for all and the genocides and military expansionism inside Palestinian territories. They also support the Burmese Buddhist criminals to murder Muslims so that populations of Islam are reduced sharply. Already US led NATO and other rogue states are ransacking energy rich Islamic nations, destabilizing them, killing Muslims in millions.

Israel continues to arm Burma military amid ongoing violence against Rohingya Muslims. Following the hoax known as 9/11 tragedy, the Zionist-Israeli-led America has been taking unjustified revenge of the Holocaust from the Muslims in particular.

Owing to collaboration of the US-led Israel and India with the past and present regimes of Myanmar that general masses, belonging to Buddhism have been incited against Rohingya Muslims, which has, now, resulted into humanitarian catastrophe.

Because of inaction by the US-led international community, this crisis can destabilize the whole region by jeopardizing political and economic interests of America and other Western countries.


Saudi Arabia is moving ahead with its economic and political agenda in Burma and Southeast Asia, yet can still “claim to have stood the moral high-ground” by previously taking in refugees and providing financial aid. “The important point is that natural gas and oil flows through Rakhine state,” he said.

Iran, Saudi Arabia's regional rival, has also sent at least 40 tonnes of aid. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently took a swipe at other Muslim countries with business interests in Burma, urging them to ramp up pressure on the government there. “There are tens of Muslim countries and governments, some of whom have financial and economic transactions with them,” he said. “If we sit somewhere and engage in condemnations, what is the use of this?”


Muslim-majority countries have been increasingly promising aid as the number of refugees swells in Bangladesh. Azerbaijan, which also appears to be exporting crude to China through the pipeline, has ordered 100 tonnes of humanitarian aid to be dispatched. Turkey, which like Iran jostles with Saudi Arabia to be the Islamic world's centre of influence, has mobilized millions of meals for refugees in Bangladesh and vowed to maintain a refugee camp there. It has also provided clothing, part of more than 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid supplied overall.

In Pakistan's largest city of Karachi, tens of thousands protested. Lawmaker Farhatullah Babar of the Pakistan People's Party has pushed his government to suspend or at least slow the implementation of defence agreements worth hundreds of millions of dollars with Myanmar. He told the Associated Press that an official responded to his request by saying Pakistan is pressing Burma through diplomatic channels to stop the violence. “Pakistan should not be seen as strengthening a regime that is using weapons against its own people,” Babar said. He declined to elaborate on the details of the defence agreements.

A report by IHS Jane's in February said Burma two years ago bought 16 JF-17 Thunder aircraft, co-developed by Pakistan and China. The defence weekly said Burma is now in advanced negotiations with Pakistan for licensed production of the fighter jet's advanced third-generation variant.

The 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation held an emergency session on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York to discuss the crisis. The organisation, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, issued a lengthy statement earlier this month expressing “grave concern” over the exodus of Rohingya. But unless its member states take tougher action on their own, there is little the OIC can do to pressure Burma's government. Jason von Meding, a specialist in disaster response at the University of Newcastle in Australia, said religious differences are not the only reason Rohingya are being forced out.

Human rights groups raised the pressure on Aung San suu Kyi, the de facto head of Myanmar’s government and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who once embodied her country’s fight for democracy and human rights, has drawn international condemnation for failing to address ongoing rights’ abuses of the Muslim minority.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states should speedily step in to end the deadly crisis in Myanmar foisted deliberately by the government that is endorsed by the Nobel Peace prize holder on Aung San suu Kyi to make the Rohingya Muslims  safe, secure and in peace.

In fact entire Islamic world must come out openly to defend the tragic concerns of Rohingya Muslims who continue to live in Myanmar against the fascist tactics of the regime as well as those who are now in other nations as refugees.

School text books generally provide moral stories to stress the need for unity in adversity and the global Muslim nations must learn that principle now so the anti-Islamic forces and their corporatist media lords would not unnecessarily try to defame Islam.  .

Obviously, leaders of Islamic world like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran have to lead such Islamic humanitarian project. .

Islamophobia by core global media is hitting Islam and Muslims!


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