UFO Movements For Disclosure Are Dysfunctional For These Reasons

Watching advocates demand "Disclosure" is for me a bit like watching a truck drive down the wrong way of a one-way street at full speed.  It is apparent that these same advocates who often demand "Disclosure" don't seem to ever discuss how much their "movement" may have been subjected to manipulation by the very regressive aliens which these advocates allege work "behind the scene".

It is apparent that much of the UFO movement for disclosure is a product of what John Lash on metahistory.org refers to as alien-induced misdirection.

Manipulative aliens are apparently influencing the UFO movement for "Disclosure" through apparent agent provocateurs and "New Age" religion which are guided by demonic 'fallen angels'.  Between these two dominant forces we as humans ought to expect little if any constructive results from the "Disclosure Movement". 

The first problem that is apparent with the "Disclosure Movement" is that it champions a focus on a collective demand that "elites" are the problem and that they are hiding information.

If we as humans elevate our consciousness as the ancient Pagan Gnostics sought to as described by John Lash, there would be no need for "disclosure".  That's because we as humans would generally know everything there is to know regarding aliens based upon insights discussed on metahistory.org.

"Elites" are not "the problem". Indeed, by the time someone becomes an "elite" member of society they know that at any time there are thousands upon thousands of other people "waiting in the wings" should the aliens need to "replace" the human who "goes astray" from the alien agenda.

So, for an elite, why should they surrender that "power" when if they rebel in any way, someone else will end up enjoying the "finer things in life" that they want for themselves?

The problem for us, as humans, are not the "elites" but the throngs of "youth" and other people so driven to "economic success" that they are willing to sell their souls and humanity's vital interest to aliens.  Our youth and an "industrial army" props-up the system.  "Elites" are just its figure heads that appear to be rich as a result of alien patronage.  But, they lack any substantive power.  The "Disclosure Movement" is thus essentially focusing on figure heads.

The second problem is that the UFO Disclosure Movement fails to acknowledge the extent to which our economic lives and whole societies have been dependent on an alien-controlled system.

According to the "Disclosure Movement" as humans we're "mature" and telling us about "the aliens" who immediately take us to the "Promised Land".

Let's deal more with the first problem. 

Let's face it.  The UFO Disclosure Movement's focus on elites is often well over 40 and 50 years too late! 

That is to say, those people who become elites were apparently recruited to serve manipulative aliens from they were teenagers.  Some researchers suggest that the manipulative aliens are abducting babies and children that they control as their new "parents" or through mind control reinforced through the global economy's greed-centred and ego-driven value systems.

You might wonder how does this recruitment system work.

Let me ask you a few questions. 

Do you want to make lots of money?

Do you want to be economically successful with a great job; a nice home; and an expensive car? 

Do you want to be promoted in your job and be a respected senior manager of your company?

Do you want to be able to go on nice vacations when you want and not worry about financial issues?

Well, if you answered "Yes" to most if not all of these questions, like most people, in our industrialized West and elsewhere, you have become a prime candidate to be recruited by manipulative alien operatives who appear as humans but they aren't.

The only way that we, as humans are going to be able to be free from alien misdirection on our planet Earth is if we as a human race collective reject saying "Yes" to any of these questions and focus on not what we want for ourselves but how we can be better custodians of each other and our planet Earth.

One of these apparent "recruitment officers" had apparently approached me in university and started to promise things if I worked for "them".  I told them, "My soul is not for sale, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is No!"

They respected my answer and went about their business.  But for every one person at an early age who rejects the fast track to "fame and fortune", tens if not hundreds of thousands of people would be more than willing to say "Yes" to such alien offers.  And that is because of the nature of our "survival of the fittest" economic system which which encourages people from a very early age to accept a fast track to an "easy life" even if that means selling one's soul to demonic aliens.

The UFO "Disclosure Movement" fails at supporting constructive dialogue on the same capitalist economic system they have alleged to be controlled by manipulative aliens.

How can the Disclosure movement therefore think as far as the second problem that "elites" disclosing about aliens controlling the system is going to do anything but create some kind of immediate negative chaos? 

Could you imagine what would happen if any President of the United States or any other "leader" said something like "By the way, we have had an Agreement with aliens that they could abduct some humans in exchange for technology," as Dr Michael Salla suggests?

Alex Collier has sought to present a critical message to humanity based upon his alleged contacts with Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Alex Collier asserts that it is vital that we as humans move away from a service to self prism which is the basis of human alien control over human societies.  Instead, if we, as humans want to be liberated from manipulative aliens, we must support a "service to others" focus which would free humanity from the prevailing system of global capitalism which is a product of a manipulative alien effort to divide, conquer and assimilate humans into an Artificial Intelligence agenda.

In the above video, Alex Collier discusses the selling out of humanity through the economic system which produces elites that seek to rule over humanity alongside demonic aliens

If the UFO movement seeks to become a constructive force for the liberation of humanity into a planetary milieu of peace, love and empathy then that movement ought to start focusing on replacing the current exploitative economic system which results in demonic alien control with an economic system which inspires humans to stop exploiting each other and our planet.  That's the kind of discussion that we as human needs to have to save ourselves and our planet from demonic alien misdirection, and not this navel gazing and dysfunctional demands for a pie-in-the-sky "disclosure" that is being apparently managed to support the reported agenda of the alleged alien-political-military industrial complex of interests which Dr Micheal Salla reveals in his "Typology of Extraterrestrials".


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