Gmail AI Now Has Reply Ready for Emails Before You Do!

I predict sometime in the future Gmail will scan your email and have suggested replies ready.

Oh, I`m sorry.  That won't be in the future.

That is now!

Today I just checked out the new version of Gmail.

But when I "clicked" to see one email message to me, Google's Artificial Intelligence (A9) was already suggesting the following replies:

"Thank you!"

"Awesome, thanks!"

"It worked."

If you don't believe me, look at the screenshot above,

And I thought Google wasn't reading my emails?

Am I alone in thinking that this is kinda creepy?

Maybe Gmail's next phase it to reply to your emails and cut out the "middle man / middle woman"?

Why pay human operatives to read your emails when Big Brother AI can to the job -- and know your every move?


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