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Pokémon Go: The killer app for the tech savvy!

Released on July 6, this free-to-play, monster-hunting mobile game has taken the threads off from most of the online games on the road, making the tech-junkies go crazy with outroars that have even been reported to police. Flouting the initial record set by candy crush saga for the most used apps, Pokémon Go has taken 6% of the usability in the app section surpassing twitter and even Netflix. The most imperative accredit this gaming app is using is its GPS based location expediency, device camera and virtual cosmos that are making this game an instant success. It takes the advantage of the player’s real world travel using the camera and gyroscope in order to make a move in the game (AR augmented Reality mode). Though it uses some of the same features that other games exploit like candies, levels, mascots and awards for opening up the hidden powers, the real experience is that the player in reality does things such as wandering and catching monsters that may seem new to the app world. No doubt to reason why this app is an overnight sensation.

Pokémon Go uses distances in different order to collect eggs. The app checks your location, gives you certain ways and locations like till where you can travel to collect your eggs. Isn’t that interesting?   This is what the players wanted from a long time, something ingrained in reality which has a better background and a twisted technology yet easy to use and understand.

As soon as the beta test for the game concluded in positive on June 30, the developers, Nintendo ushered for a worldwide release on July 6 but had to be deferred in some countries due to server trouble which was claimed to have been put down by hacker group, PoodleCorp.

One more creation, Pokémon Go plus is an undergoing-trial Bluetooth device that can allow the players to play without using their smart phones but is yet to be released.

According to Kashmira Gander of ‘The Independent’, Pokémon Go has initiated the health issues, walking being needed for playing this augmented virtual reality game. It has the power to alleviate the depression of the people and may prove beneficial. Playing this game for a week may spend some 1800 calories for the male and approximately 1500 calories for the female hunters.  Research studies have even started on this proposal on a positive note.


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