Toronto: Monster condos threaten downtown's quality-of-living


Once again, it appears that the municipal politicians who run Toronto have sold out city's former vision as a "People City" to greed and corruption. 

Is Toronto's waterfront to be relegated to becoming a dense "condo forest" lacking a connection to green space and Lake Ontario, while Toronto politicians get campaign donations from capitalist developers?

Watch the above video on Toronto's former vision in the 1970's into the early 1980's which made Toronto for many planners "a model city for the 21st century".

Two massive proposals for 70+ storey towers on Toronto's Central Waterfront threaten this iconic recreational area: Tridel's 75-storey tower at 10 York Street and Menkes' Harbour Plaza across the street at 90 Harbour Street with two 70-storey towers and an office building.

Both would be twice the height of buildings along Queens Quay and more than three times the zoning allowance. Traffic is already at gridlock in this area, the most densely populated in Toronto.


-- Cause serious traffic congestion
-- Sess infrastructure, transit and public spaces
-- Lmit the vibrant life on the Waterfront

The community asks for a freeze on all over-sized developments until studies show how roads, transit, Hydro, water and sewage, police, ambulance and fire
protection, pedestrian safety and public amenities fit into a complete URBAN PLAN FOR THE WATERFRONT. ( /416-867-6200).

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