Extraterrestrials: Archons plot UFO War suggests Contactee


UFO Sightings Daily reports on 20 September 2012 that a U.S. Military and Foreign Affairs Journal published an article on 17 September 2012 which states that “an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the U.S. and China, has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.” Alex Collier suggests that this “rumour” may be “playing out” of a “Book of Revelation” scenario. Aliens, as “Archons”, operating through mind parasitized human physical hosts, apparently scripted the Book of Revelation that is within the Bible.

The Archons, who can move through time, apparently “saw a future” that Human Ethical Extraterrestrials through contactees like Alex Collier hope that we, as humans, will seek to actively avoid. According to Ethical Extraterrestrials that Mr, Collier has been in contact with, an avoidance of such a future scenario, is well within our essence, in the form of an ability for self-determination which we inherently posses(as higher dimensional entities). Alex Collier is one of many reported voluntary contactees, on Earth by Humans with other Ethical Extraterrestrials higher dimensional beings.

Alex Collier suggests that there is indeed a staged UFO invasion scenario that is part of a broader context which aims to prevent the elevation of the human consciousness. The agenda is apparently led by the Archons in alleged collusion with Aliens who have also sought to use the state of mind that is associated with organized religions on Earth to help retard the human consciousness, so as to make them more amendable to archontic existential control.

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Through that state of mind, we, as humans are led to look to “external saviours” like the Alien fashioned Gods, rather than “the God within us” that Mr. Collier describes. Such a context also enables the ability of Archons and regressive alien entities to repress human cognitive perceptions of an enslavement context, and the desire among humans to liberate ourselves from that enslavement control context.

Mr. Collier, released further testimony of an alien control scenario against our entire global economic system in a mid September 2012 interview with Rebecca Jernigan (video below).

Mr. Collier further suggests that our current human space-time. is an intermediary dimension which is between artificial lower dimensional reality of the Archons and the higher spiritual-biological dimension of our ancestors who apparently “seeded“ us. .

Based upon Alex Collier’s insights, a World War III “War of the Worlds” alien invasion scenario will enable the destruction of Earth as scripted by self-anointed “Alien Gods”, and the beginning of a “new cycle“.

The Archons apparently seek to keep humanity locked in the “inter-space“ further described by David Icke and African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, through cycles of war that ultimately end in ’Total Destruction’, and then a scripted “re-birth”, like the end and beginning of a new computer programme.

In John Carpenter’s film “They Live” (1988) the Archons as artificial creatures viewed humans to be a form of livestock, that you raise and then slaughter when reaching maturity, before starting again with more livestock. Mr. Collier suggests that World War III is being planned as the “War to enable the mass culling of “human livestock”, which the regressive aliens have sought to control and then exploit.

In ancient times, humans have previously described Wars with “Alien Gods” who have “revealed themselves” based upon the scripts of the organized religions manifested by the regressive alien controlled Archons. For example, India’s ancient Mahabharata describes the weapons celestial-weapons (Divya-Astras), flying-vehicles (Vimanas) used by aliens against human populations.

By simulating a war with alien entities which produces universal fear, and mass destruction, the Archons through human hosts are apparently seeking to broadly control and “re-set” the human mind “back to a zero hour“. Dr. John Lash based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic insights describes humans as being parasitized by the Archons for “soul energy“ and other purposes. Archons stage wars to enforce spiritual control. Indeed, it was Jacques Vallée who described the UFO phenomenon as being part of a “spiritual control system” which is under the guidance of inter-dimensional alien entities.

Alex Collier alleges that the recent representation of a “UFO War” with the alleged “hostile Extraterrestrial entities” described in a VeteransToday.com article, may be associated with the first stage of simulated invasion scenario on the horizon. This may or may not be linked to an end of 2012 “End of Times” scenario. Indeed, such a staged invasion scenario may be very similar in spirit to the Mahabharata, and other cycles of destruction and “re-birth” under parasitic Archons and “Alien Gods“.

Mr. Collier suggests that there is a planned “staged UFO invasion scenario” that is being orchestrated, and that his Ethical Extraterrestrial contacts have actively sought to warn humanity about. This scenario according to Mr. Collier, is an alleged agenda by Archons to repress the natural elevation of our collective human consciousness, to embrace empathy, love and peace that is the essence of who we are as spiritual-biological beings who originate from a higher place on consciousness. Alex Collier suggest that if left to our own devices, the Archons and the regressive aliens to which they are linked to under the “Demiurge”, would totally lose control, and we, as humans would return to the higher dimensional plane of our origins, as human beings, where other human species reside.

African Zulu Credo Mutwa has describes the human memory of this higher dimensional plane which he has sought to guard with other indigenous elders. In this higher dimensional plane, female and males apparently exist without gender boundaries, live telepathically, and free of war, starvation and oppression of one another.

Based upon the insights of both Alex Collier and David Icke who bases his own representations of indigenous insights of Credo Mutwa, Through a perpetuated war context, the Archons seek to apparently repress the cosmic memory of our ancestors

Alex Collier suggests that the Archons and the regressive aliens under the Demiurge present their World War III “War of the Worlds “ “Divine Plan” through the Book of Revelation and other apocalyptical texts on Earth that have been scripted by the Archons who operate within a human masquerade. Dr. Michael Salla elaborates that Archons undermine our human sovereignty on our planet Earth, and use their ability to assume a human physical form to deceive humans into following their alien ways of “service-to-the self” to derail our peaceful Human Development. Alex Collier therefore hopes to help inspire a context in which we, as humans, will break a cycle of alien destruction, so that we, as humans, will be able to re-join cosmic humans and other Ethical Extraterrestrials that apparently include Dolphins.
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