U.S. Presidential Candidates should do the Math

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Joey's Story: Private Financing of Elections, a Form of Prostitution


People are still commenting on the last presidential debate, so please allow for my two cents worth. For to me these debates have become too much a source of entertainment. Or the person who was earning $60,000 a year in the manufacturing industry but lost that job to China where the work could be done for two bucks and hour, is not being entertained. Therefore, to me, Bob Moss, the focus should be on an audience asking questions, not on the candidates themselves.

And those setting up these debates should see to that, for such debates can serve as prime time in another way, that being a time to cross-examine candidates. I feel the recession, which bordered on depression, was brought on a great deal by a feudal mentality. Feudalism refers to a repressive governing system of the Middle Ages in Europe whereby the rich as employers made fortunes by using slave labour. Once the U.S. was started this showed an ugly head in the cotton fields of the south but this time American industry did not have to turn to the south.

It turned to China and other countries instead. But China is the bone of contention and because it is communist. Needless to note - in blood and effort America made monumental sacrifice in fighting communism but what do we find now - capitalism thriving under communism, did you say? It's enough to blow the mind! Thus a question to one of the presidential candidates could go like this : Can you explain how America can make up for the loss of its jobs to China?

How can an American go back to earning $60,000 a year when he or she is now found working at a fast food outlet or working a number of menial jobs at the one time? Relatively-speaking millions of Americans were found in that position when thousands of manufacturing plants closed once many of their jobs were exported to China.

Maybe, a broader question would be to call on candidates to explain how a job now being done in China can return to America where the minimum wage is about nine bucks an hour or more than four times that paid on a regular basis in China?

Candidates are sometimes heard chiding each other as to "doing the math.".Well, do the math on this one for it could be the kind of thing spelling the total downfall of America and as that brings drastic effect to Canada as well. Note: Bob Moss is author of the book entitled: JOEY'S STORY - Private financing of elections, a form of prostitution. The book is billed 'the most politically-provocative ever.

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