Online dating – Six Things guys do to turn girls off

There is nothing worse for a chick than to be on a date with a man that stares the entire time talking to her bosom. However, recent polls have shown that this is not the only thing that guys do to turn girls off – there is a whole host of things that drive the ladies completely potty, and for all the wrong reasons. We decided to find out more…

One: Other common complaints made by women on dates have suggested that not only can men not keep their eyes away from their date’s chest, but they also wander over to other women in the location that you are in! Come on now guys – is it really acceptable to be eyeing up your next victim while still having dinner with your current one? Now the girls out there aren’t completely stupid of course; they all know that men have a tendency to give in to their wandering eye, but is it really necessary on a date, especially one of the early ones in the relationship? No, of course not!

Two: Droning on about sports. We ladies do appreciate that there is a certain element of interest we have to give when a man starts to talk about sports, but when they keep on about it for hours on end, it just gets boring. Do us a favor guys and talk sports to your male buddies instead.

Three: Being a tightwad! We ladies may be more than happy to pick up half the check, or even pay for the entire bill on occasion, but on the first date you should at least attempt to foot the bill. There is nothing wrong with doing the “check dance” before one of you finally settles, even if you have no intention of paying.

Four: Not being able to make a decision is one of the most annoying things in the world. You have asked us out for dinner – great. Now make the decision and choose a restaurant! The whole “Where do you want to go?”, “No, where do YOU want to go?” thing is just immature.

Five: Poor toilet behaviour – this surely goes without saying? When you invite us back to your house, make sure you have tidied up first, or make us sit in the living room while you have a quick clean round. The ladies are just as bad – how many times have you men been sat there in the kitchen waiting for the girl to “freshen up?” We are shaving our legs, removing the tampons from on sight in the bathroom, and picking up the dirty laundry that we leave scattered on the bedroom floor. At least have the decency to do the same if you have not tidied up before you leave the house. Pubic hairs on the toilet seat are not acceptable.

Six: Body odor. This doesn’t just mean whacking on some antiperspirant before you leave the house, it also means making sure your feet don’t stink, that you don’t “let rip” in bed, and definitely no weird smells around the home! There is no excuse for poor hygiene, and if THOSE shoes make your feet stink, wear socks or learn to deodorize.

So there you have it boys – six things that you do that turns off the ladies. If your first dates never become seconds, perhaps you are the culprit of one of these!

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