Bombardier re-schedules CS series aircraft for June 2013


Montreal based Bombardier is the third largest manufacturer of commercial airplanes, and has reportedly re-scheduled its first aircraft flight by the end of June next year.

It has settled its issues with the suppliers to expedite its manufacturing process. Bombardier has postponed the first flight of its CS series aircraft till June 2013.

The plane has been designed to match the technology of Boeing Co. and Airbus SAS. It is a single-aisle jetliner with two models CS 99 and CS 100.

The smaller model C 100 is expected to enter service after one year. However, delay in commissioning its first Series flight is not novel to Bombardier only; its contenders like Boeing and Airbus are also sailing in the same boat. Boeing had delayed its 787 Dreamliner by three years and maiden flight of Airbus A380 has, also, been delayed by three years till mid-2013.

The experts have been watching the progress of Series aircraft manufacturing very keenly. Though, its first airborne flight has been postpone but its Executive Officer has reported that the Series is likely to make its maiden flight somewhere in the month of December. The company is hopeful that the larger model CS300 will enter in to its final phase by December 2014.

The company has projected that  the larger model  of aircraft CS 300 symbolizes the pivotal part of the company`s commitments  and expects to double its net profit in next decade with its sales .It has anticipated that its profit may  rise to $5billion to $8 billion per year after 2014 once this model is commissioned for flight. According to the evaluation done by Bloomberg the earnings of Bombardier which jumped from $192 million to $212 million recorded last year beat the 11-cent average of 21 analysts estimate with sales declined by 6.2 per cent as against $4.69 billion estimated by the average analysts.

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