Smartphones: iPad 3 goes against the iPad Mini


I have the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 will soon be out. The iPad mini starts at $329 for 16 GB and goes up to 64 GB at $529 for Wi-Fi. It is $100 more for cellular. The difference between an iPad and the iPad 3 is $100. Personally, the extra $100 is worth it to get the full iPad. If you do graphics like I do, the extra money is well worth it.

The Nitty Gritty

The iPad 3 has a Dual core A6x processor. The iPad Mini has the Dual Core A5 processor. Therefore the iPad 3 slightly faster than the iPad Mini. The iPAd Mini does not have a Retina display so images will not be as sharp as the iPad 3. The resolution of the iPad is 1024 x768. This is about half that of the iPad 3. The weight of the iPad Mini .86 pounds. This is less than half the weight of the iPod 3. This will be a plus for it. It is .10 mm thinner than than the iPad 3. I imagine people will like that. I imagine people will like that.


Uses for iPad Mini

I can see the iPad Mini replacing the iPhone! The iPad Mini has Facetime. You can make video calls with it. The iPad Mini can replace most e-reader as the number one competitor because of it size and the fact it has color. The iPad Mini has the same camera as the iPad 3. Your pictures will be just as sharp with it. The iPad Mini would make an excellent streaming media radio player. One of the apps for the iPad isOOTunes: The IPad Mini is good for most people’s needs. If you are an artist, the iPad 3 is the way to go with a Wacom tablet.


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