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UFO travels through Black Hole over Guelph, Ontario

According to a witness in Guelph, Ontario, an unidentified object appeared in the sky at about 9.15 PM on 18 December 2012.  The witness reported to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, that he had seen an alien craft in the skies over Guelph.

The witness reported, “I was walking north towards my home with my girlfriend when suddenly I noticed a bright light traveling in the air.”  He went on, “At first I thought it was a shooting star but instantly I realized that it was shooting across the sky in a straight line and it was actually changing its colors as we watched.”The witness described the object as moving very fast across the sky. “Faster than anything I have seen before”, he said.

The witness is convinced that this was not an ordinary occurrence. “It actually changed my aspect on UFOs. It messed with my mind the entire night; I couldn’t believe what I had seen.”  He went on to say that he felt like people would think he was crazy.

Eventually the object came to a stop and went straight up into the sky.  The witness surmises that perhaps it entered a black hole.


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