UFO Astronomer: America derives power from aliens


Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily alleged in a report published on 8 January 2013 that there are alien activities taking place on the Moon, and that America derives its oppressive power from regressive aliens.  Such allegations have also been made by David Icke and Dr. Michael Salla.


Scott Waring who used to be affiliated with the military while he was in the States makes the following representation:


This is an alien made structure discovered on our moon this week by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He has the link in the info below his video so I checked it out and the above photos are from the original NASA link.


There is a large part of the structure that is suspended above the ground and part of it goes down to the ground in a staircase shaped building. It is built into the side of the mountain.  Why would NASA hide such discoveries.. .it's a matter of national security, to stop any race by other nations to search of extraterrestrial life and get in contact with them. America already has... that is why it is still a world power.

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