UFO: Demons of light fly over Calgary?


A Calgary witness reports to having seen UFO activity over Nose Hill at 11 pm on 6 January 2013 based upon the following testimony made to the Alberta UFO Study Group.  The late-John Todd suggested that some "lights in the sky" are predatory entities which the ancient Pagan Gnostic referred to as 'Archons' [video below].


We went up to nose hill after we heard of a sighting around 8 pm the same day. We got there around 10 pm and waited. Saw lots of airplanes till about 10:30 when we saw a red and green light flashing just hovering about downtown Calgary.


It would dissappear then come back. Shortly after we started seeing bright white lights around the airport. At this time no more airplanes were in the sky at all after having a high traffic or them just minutes before.


All the objects we seen were moving very awkwardly and at complete different speeds at different times and hovering. Deffinitly was no helicopters or airplanes. Very cool to see.


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