UFO: Alien ship flies over Calgary, Alberta shoping mall

What activity did a witness report to the Alberta UFO Study Group as having occurred at 8:30 pm on 17 January 2013?  The witness suggests that there is a concentration of a diverse array UFO activity over Dover, Alberta?

elaborates that Dover is a residential neighbourhood in the south-east quadrant of  Calgary, Alberta. It is bounded by 26 Avenue S to the north, PeiganTrail to the south, 24 Street and Deerfoot trail to the west and 36 Street E to the east.

The witness presents testimony on his or her UFO sightings:

In Dover, you can always see multi-coloured orbs in the sky. However, last night and tonight, I saw more different objects than that of the usual orb activity.

Yesterday, I was at Marlborough mall with some friends when I looked up to see a lit up cigar shaped thing in the sky, it moved very slow at first, but gained speed as it went up a few hundred feet.

Today while walking to no frills in the Dover area I came across one huge thing in the sky that was like a ball or something that had a light on top of it, then shortly after that a huge thing appeared that had a triangle like light arrangement -- two sets. That thing made no noise, but it was huge!

Then in the far distance there was a couple more of those ball like ones with the light on top! All in all, it was crazy! My brother tried to take a video on his iphone, but it didn’t have a good enough zoom... damn apple products...

This report was edited for clarity

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