Anti-Aging: Holistic approach healthy living


“Holistic living is a dedication to a lifestyle of balance and health” as per Dr. Linda Mundorff in her book Take Control: A Guide to Holistic Living. She is a traditional naturopath who believes that holistic living involves making time for your family and getting along with others.

Adopting a holistic approach for a healthy life requires you to give importance to relaxation and spirituality. You need a commitment to a healthy diet, as per Dr. Linda Mundorff, to stay active throughout the day. She points out that there are several methods to go about this holistically.

Dr. Maya Paul, writing for Helpguide.Org says, “Think about planning a healthy diet as a number of small manageable steps rather than one big drastic change to set you up for success. If you approach the changes gradually and with commitment, you will have a healthy diet sooner than you think.” Dr. Paul is a Health & Spirit Coach. She suggests three steps:

    -- Simplify – Think about your diet in terms of colour and freshness rather than being too much concerned about counting calories and checking portion sizes.
    -- Start Slow – Make slow changes to your eating habits. It is not realistic to make your diet a healthy one overnight. Changing everything all of a sudden will have a negative impact and you may start hating your new eating scheme.
    -- Whatever change you decide will matter – You do not need to be perfect and get rid of foods that you like or enjoy to get to a healthy diet. The ultimate objective is to feel good and get more energy and not to get bogged down or make your life miserable by making strict or difficult choices. The healthy food choices that you make should count and you can be happy with them.

Alena Bowers, writing for Live Strong Magazine, says “Certain basics of nutrition must be met daily to eat a healthy diet.” The Help Guide website has suggested that you start to simplify your eating habits as earlier suggested by Dr. Maya Paul. Alena Bowers is also the author of `Alter this’. She is an educator and yoga instructor. She recommends that you start to implement healthier ways to eat on a gradual basis. You can start by serving smaller portions on your plate. You can chew slowly and be conscious of what you are eating rather than concentrating on the television or other people talking when you are eating food.

Prema Scott Key writes in her book, “The Journey to Radiant Health”, that there are many holistic exercise methods to be tried. They are Yoga, Tai Chi and the Eastern Martial Arts as they incorporate the mind, body and the spirit. `Yoga’ actually means `Union’ in Sanskrit. The idea is to let you feel the unity within. Prema Key writes that “you can experience more endurance and enjoyment in life by becoming disciplined in holistic living”.

Healthy eating is not just about a nutritional philosophy or depriving yourself of the foods you like. It is about beginning to feel good and have more energy to stabilize your mood and keep your body as well as mind healthy.

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