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Kashmir’s World War III grim potentialities

Now that Obama administration comfortably received the green signal from Congress to attack Syria; the stage is set to execute the plan to wrest Asad regime’s initiative to use chemical weapons. President Obama concerned for the inhuman act opts to go alone circumventing United Nations role and more importantly highlighting the severity of other dimensions especially Iran’s covert engagement in the conflict perceived imperative for US to take necessary action.

To a question about US involvement in the upcoming conflict with Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry made it amply clear that Obama administration was only seeking approval for a limited strike to incapacitate Asad regime to use these chemical weapons in future and that there was zero possibility of engaging US armed forces on the ground. Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel stressed that the use of chemical weapons in Syria represent ‘grave risks and serious threats’ to US national security and its allies. He stated that the military force would not be used to resolve the conflict in Syria, an issue that needs settlement through a political solution by the Syrian people themselves. However, he did not elaborate on to find a solution for the exodus of Syrian refugees or the surging number of killings on daily basis. The resultant collateral damage due to envisaged US limited strike was also not mentioned.

The sections of international media and political pundits believe that US with its experience in Iraq and Afghanistan will not burn its hands in this new conflict especially when it believes and is wary that rebel ´Islamic´ militants having close affinity with al-Qaida and affiliated groups funded by Arab countries intend removing President Assad from Syria’s political structure. As reported, White House insists that it is not seeking the regime change. The threat of a world war looming, in this scenario, is considered a far-fetched idea.

The real threat to world peace and a possible outbreak of world war with a visible hallmark lies somewhere in south-east Asia. Kashmir, as all know sits on a volcano ready to erupt anytime and the war hysteria created by India leading to a serious situation. India has a history of fighting wars since its independence from British in 1947 and has fought four full-fledged wars with China and Pakistan. The three countries equipped with lethal nuclear weapons face Indian intermittent skirmishes and border clashes to raise the tempo of war threats. The foreboding menace of a world war scenario portrays a grim potentiality and as believed, the world could ignore the real threat at its own peril.

German Ambassador to India, Michael Steiner visiting Kashmir iterated that "Kashmir issue is legitimate and should be recognised in reality". European Union has always shown a huge concern for this unresolved issue which the Union believes could conflagrate into an out of control situation engulfing the whole world. Moreover, the human-right violations on large scale by Indian army, a matter of serious concern, cannot be brushed under the carpet.

Since the day (August 13, 2013) US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf stated US official position on Kashmir stressing that "Kashmir issue was different from the border issue of terrorism and the two issues should not be confused" unnerved India and the occurrence of cease-fire violations in Kashmir escalated alarmingly to press the panic button in Islamabad. The UN Secretary General had to make a 2-day special dash to Pakistan (August 22, 2013) to calm the situation down and send a clear signal to India that the world community cannot stay indifferent to a precipitated real war threat disturbing the world peace.

Pakistan with its domestic political turmoil, corruption, economic bankruptcy and terrorism is desperate for peace to prevail and is making frantic efforts to woo India making overtures to build a new relationship by offering MNF (Most Favoured Nation Status), free travel, trade, development of cultural exchanges etc. The ´aman ki asha´ (Hope of peace) slogan an effort made by Jang Group of Pakistan and Times of India to ameliorate the situation to create a peaceful environment between the two countries is unfortunately scuttled by the Hindu fundamentalist forces inducted into the key positions of army, intelligence, bureaucracy and political setup managing to create war mongering to stay in power. The general elections in India are round the corner and it is firmly believed that anti-Pakistan rhetoric to garner political support for success at hustings will gain momentum charging up voters with religious sentiments and hate Pakistan campaign.

India comfortable with the political status-quo in Kashmir speaks volumes about the naivety of Indian political leadership. Kashmiris strongly feel that giving peace a chance, after 1989 armed struggle, does not seem to work as India exploiting the international political situation attempted to taint the political struggle with terrorism. Now that International community refuses to accept Kashmir struggle as terrorism or religious extremism, India frustratingly creates a situation on ceasefire line to complicate matters creating a dooms day scenario.

Ibnlive.in .com reported that "angry youth in Kashmir feel it’s time to join hands with militants fighting Indian occupational army and stone throwing young people think of arming themselves again with the gun". India fails to realise that 1989 armed struggle was aided and supported by its own people living across the ceasefire line from Kashmir’s area under the control of Pakistan. The indigenous political struggle with huge sacrifices offered, people believe; have to culminate into the logical conclusion of achieving independence.

In continuation of peaceful struggle, a novel method of conveying the message to the occupiers by people of Kashmir was recently demonstrated by stamping Indian currency notes with slogans we want independence. It is estimated that the currency notes worth three hundred million Indian Rupees in circulation were found to have been stamped with various anti-Indian slogans.

The political or military intervention in Syria, as believed, will lead to a resultant outcome like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Egypt but due to unresolved nuclear flashpoint Kashmir, any military misadventure small or big on the part of India will end up having catastrophic consequences for the whole world.


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