UFO: Cylindrical Alien Spacecraft Appears Over Japan

A Japanese journalist had the time of his life when he heard about UFOs flying in the sky. When he ran to his balcony, he noticed several odd flying objects in the atmosphere which appeared to be elongated. He immediately recorded the incident on video. The eyewitness described what he saw.

"The objects seem to be moving at a very slow speed, for about 10 minutes. The three objects disappeared in the Yamanashi direction, very unlikely for any airplane or helicopter."

Lasting for 1 minute and 21 seconds, the video showed five white disks of unidentified flying objects hovering over Tokyo Japan on December 25, 2013 at approximately 4:40 in the afternoon. Although the film only lasted for one and a half minute, the aerial activity lasted for 40 minutes as reported by UFO Sightings Daily.

Based on the UFO Sightings Daily website report dated December 31, 2013, the Japanese news reporter hastily ran to his balcony to record the incident. There he saw 5 objects, 3 of which are lined up across the sky in a diagonal fashion on one side, and one object was found on the opposite side of the sky.  Looking from afar, the objects seem to be imitating the triangular shape of Mt. Fuji, which was captured as the video’s backdrop.

Scott Waring, an astronomer and coordinator of UFO Sightings Daily, also reported a similar incident in Brazil where in the Brazilian eyewitness captured a single strange-looking object floating in the sky. The website, UFO Sightings Daily presented details of an apparent cylindrical alien spacecraft witnessed to be of a similar description to the 5 objects sighted in Tokyo, Japan.

Could this be a pretext to a "False Flag" alien invasion plot toward a "New Word Order", "One World Government" to face against the aliens who have been working with human elites to achieve such a scenario, as alleged by David Icke and von Braun? As baffling and intriguing as the occurrence is, the Japanese reporter did not jump into the UFO phenomenon at the onset of seeing the objects. He entertained the idea of a meteorite, a cloud, an airplane, or even Santa Claus passing by to deliver his gifts - after all it was Christmas day!

However, the mysterious appearance of the objects and its exact positioning tells us that these are manned by intelligent beings, which may not be humans; and it might even come from a hidden exit from Mt. Fuji itself. The journalist described the aerial activity as strange.

"The objects maintained a white glowing streamline shape in the clouds and they moved strangely especially the distance they have with each other."


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