UFO: Designer terrorist groups manipulate humans


Terrorism is one of the fundamental security concerns in the 21st century. Every year, thousands of people die in places around the world due to acts of terrorism. Even though the majority of terrorist groups these days seem to be the followers of radical Islam, these groups are not exclusive to any particular faith. Recently, countries in the Middle East, especially Iraq, have become safe havens for terrorists who are hell bent on destroying the values of secularism and democracy.

Even though we believe that terrorism is a man-made problem, there are a few researchers such as David Icke who suggest otherwise. They claim that terrorism is a problem which has been created by lower-dimensional "shape-shifting" aliens with the intention of manipulating humans. David Icke alleges that terrorist groups have been designed by Archontic elites, and that terrorism is not a spontaneous manifestation of Muslim antipathy for the West.

As per the research done by Dr. John Lash, Archons, as mentioned in the ancient Gnostic text the Nag Hammadi, are Demonic inter-dimensional beings which control our leaders and the elites. The Archons have ruled humanity and intend to destroy us. They want to avenge the death of their ancestors, the dinosaurs, who allegedly died due to human actions.

The Archons do not want us to be aware of our true identity, because they believe that keeping humans ignorant of our true human origins enables the regressive aliens to mis-direct humanity away from our identity as beings of empathy, love and peace.

David Icke and other researchers allege that in order to hide keep us divided and to control us better, these regressive aliens known as Archons have created the problem of terrorism. They want us to be divided and at war with each other so that we will never pose any threat to them.

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