UFO Probes New Brunswick, Canada.


Date: February, 2016.

Place: Miramichi, Canada.

Located in the east of Canada, and bounded by the cold North Atlantic Ocean waters, the province of New Brunswick is one of the four founding provinces of the Canadian Confederation.  Its surface is mainly covered by forests, which has allowed the development of a thriving wood industry. However, in spite of this, the province still remains scantily populated (its biggest city, Saint John, only has 70,000 inhabitants).

As one might think, such an enchanting land can be the scenario for any kind of magical or unexplained phenomena. And, effectively, the 26th of February a quite strange event took place in the small town of Miramichi, situated in the north of this sylvan territory.

According to an anonymous testimony reported on specialised UFO web page MUFON.com, “at approximately 3 a.m.” on one of the dark roads of Miramichi surrounding areas “at what seemed about 500-1000 ft. maybe less, there was an object with very bright lights on each end that suddenly appeared and didn’t seem to move”.  These lights were allegedly “scanning around like search lights”; and soon after they “pointed upwards and blinked out”.

The report does not offer many details but it deserves to be thoroughly investigated, in order to determine if this incident was caused by human activity or –which is a real possibility- by extraterrestrial activity.   

In any case, draw your own conclusions…

For further information: http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=74769&rnd=

Long Description of Sighting Report

At approximately 3am today I saw the strangest thing over a dark stretch of highway at what seemed about 500-1000 ft maybe less, there was an object with very bright lights on each end that suddenly appeared and didn’t seem to move, the lights were scanning around like search lights then pointed upwards and blinked out..totally gone, there were no strobes or any blinking navigation lights..looked about 20-30ft distance between the lights on whatever it was. 

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