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Alien Entity Spotted Getting Down From A Spacecraft In Massachusetts

A resident of Dartmouth, Massachusetts claims to have spotted an alien entity getting down from a spacecraft on 30 July, 2016 at 3.15 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 17 February, 2017.

The witness begins the report by describing what he was doing at the time of the sighting.

"Out on the deck at a party with my family then I heard a like a jet sound coming from the sky."

He talks about asking his cousin if they too heard the sound and they replied in the affirmative. He also says that they thought it was a jet.

"I told my cousins and they heard it too but they thought it was a jet."

He then says that at first he too believed it to be a jet but after a while realized that something strange was happening.

"I went along with it after a few minutes I realized it was something strange."

The witness further tells us that the spacecraft landed and an alien being came out of it. He also described how he and his family members reacted to the incident.

"It landed with a figure coming out; me and my cousin were freaking out and soon my aunt, mother, father, and grandmother came rushing out and we just were shaking."

He tells us that the alien entity was walking near them and so they drove off. He also says that his cousins and aunt stood at the spot watching it.

"The entity was walking near us so what we did was drive off and my cousins and aunt stood there watching it until we came back home."

After that he describes how the alien entity was seen peaking in the window before running back to the UFO.

"We saw it peaking in the window then suddenly it ran back into the UFO and flew off."

Finally, the witness claims that his aunt's family was visited by the Men in Black who asked her about the incident.

"Days later these men in black come to my aunt's house and ask her about the incident.

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

People from around the globe report sighting alien beings. These beings travel in spacecrafts that defy the laws of physics known to man. Why do you think alien beings visit out planet?

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