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Toronto Business Journal Invites Editorial Submissions

Do you have a thoughtful opinion related to business news in Toronto? Get $1 for every approved opinion you submit to the Toronto Business Journal. The launching of the Toronto Business Journal was regarded a welcomed addition to coverage of business news and other related current affairs in Toronto. However, it appears that there is more to the Toronto Business Journal than people anticipated.

Most competitors in the area of business journals tend to ask people to submit their newsworthy opinions for free. However, the Toronto Business Journal brings a new dimension to how opinions of people are used. They are urging each and everyone to submit his or her newsworthy editorials to their team of experts. For every approved editorial opinion, you are assured of getting paid $1 each. Therefore instead of submitting your opinions to other business journal sites without any remuneration, the Toronto Business Journal invites you to submit it to them and when it is approved, you get paid $1 for each opinion.

You can get in touch with the Toronto Business Journal via Skype as AgoraCosmopolite. It is high time you stopped submitting your editorials and letters to the competitors of the Toronto Business Journal for free. Instead, send them to the Toronto Business Journal and you will be paid when your submissions are approved as being newsworthy. This simply means that although TBJ has come to provide you with authentic and up to date business news and current affairs coverage in Toronto, you also stand the chance to earn some few bucks depending on the kind of editorial opinions you submit.

Submitting your opinions to a business journal site should never be free and the practice whereby certain sites tend to use the opinions of people without any form of remuneration is what the Toronto Business Journal seeks to do away with. For taking your time to come up with an opinion that is newsworthy, you should be compensated in a way and the Toronto Business Journal happens to be the right place where your opinions are going to get the appreciation that they deserve. Nothing is really free in this world which is why you should not allow any of the competitors of the Toronto Business Journal to convince you into submitting your opinions and letters for free. Since you are the one who came up with them they are more or less your property and so you do not have to part with them freely.

Get in touch with the Toronto Business Journal today via Skype using contact ID 'AgoraCosmopolite' and start submitting your opinions and letters about business news and current affairs in Toronto and be rewarded for your trouble. The Toronto Business Journal has the vision of keeping people up to date with how things are happening in the business sector as well as any current news in Toronto and also see to it that those who go the extra mile to furnish them with their editorial opinions and letters are compensated.