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America Prepares for World War III Soon Suggests Mural

Latest information making rounds on some media platforms like the Daily Mail indicate that the United States of America is at an advanced preparatory stage for World War III. An anonymous user had this to say in an article published in the Daily Mail, “EXERCISE – Operation Gotham Shield/Improvised Nuclear Detonation Incident – April 26, 2017. This is a reminder that on April 26, 2017, HCANJ/LANJ will be participating in ‘Operation Gotham Shield’ in conjunction with our NJESF 8 Partners including NJDOH-PHILEP, New Jersey Medical Services Task Force, Office of the Medical Examiner, NJDHS-Disaster Terrorism Branch, Urban Area Strategic Initiative, as well as State of Emergency Management, local, county and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.” This is the exact statement made by the anonymous user as captured by the Daily Mail.

The post has generated countless comments. However, a comment by Superstation95 gives a clear picture of what such a detonation will be like. According to Superstation95, such a blast will automatically disable all electrical devices within a radius of 12 miles from the point of detonation. This intended blast simulation comes at a time when the United States has been put on high alert by the nuclear expeditions of North Korea. It is therefore not surprising to find out that conspiracy theorists have set down to propound various theories with regards to how things are bound to unfold. Some of these conspiracy theorists are of the view that U.S. should rather be bothered about the 10,000 ton bomb blast that is to be simulated on the 26th of April, 2017 rather than the threat posed by North Korea.

If the alert sounded by the anonymous user is anything to go by, then it can be seen that the United States of America are really getting prepared for an impending nuclear exchange. This is the only logical reason that can be given for the blast simulation that is supposed to be undertaken in the U.S. The blast simulation is expected to be carried out over New York/New Jersey area on the 26th of April, 2017. However, sceptics are of the view that the supposed blast simulation is in reality a recipe for disaster. A YouTube account holder by name ODD Reality had this to say in a video uploaded on YouTube, “It looks like they are coming out saying ‘you know this is going to be simulated and all’, but regardless, they’ve done this thing [before]. They were running drills the same days as 9-11, September 11, 2001.”

In the midst of all the theories being circulated by conspiracy theorists, an article on Snopes claims that Operation Gotham Shield “is a legitimate and routine multi-agency and organization disaster drill” aimed at helping to equip agencies and disaster management bodies to with the skills needed in times of such occurrences. However, Horacio Villegas, a ‘self-proclaimed messenger’ claims that World War III is expected to take place between the 13th of May to the 13th of October, 2017 and that these are things that must happen for the actual war to begin.


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