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Alien Shape-Shifts Over Michaniona, Greece

A red archontic alien object, possessing the ability to shape-shift, was seen in Michaniona, Greece at midnight on 29 May, 2017. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 31 May, 2017.

The witness tells us that he was with 3 other people and then they saw a red object after midnight.

"I was with another 3 persons at the balcony. 2 to 3 minutes after midnight we saw a half-moon like object with pure red color(not glowing). It began to fade off."

He says that after the red object faded away, 2 bright alien orbs began to descend into the sea.

"When it finished,  2 bright orbits appeared and begun to descend straight to the sea. when they reached the surface they started moving."

He talks about driving to the port and then realizing that the object had shape-shifted and looked like fluorescent tubes.

"We immediately (being happy) took the car and drove to the port as soon as possible. 2 minutes later, when we arrived the object had changed their shape and they were like horizontal fluorescent tubes emitting the brightest golden light we ever saw."

The witness further says that the alien entity was steady and remained in a worm-like shape.

"They were steady at the same spot while the "worm"-like shape was doing a "wave" movement."

After that he says that they kept driving towards the coastline and could still see the alien entity.

"We moved back to the car and start driving, trying to reach the coastline to get closer. while driving, red object at the sky (it was over the clouds) was seen once again."

He talks about observing a headlight that was scanning the area near the coastline. He also says that hundreds of UFOs of different colors and shapes were floating above the sea.

 "We arrived at the closest beach while observing a "headlight" which look like scanning the area. We were amazed when we saw the surface of the sea. there were hundreds of lights red, white, blue (like airplanes) floating over the sea."

He then describes a big alien object that emitting an enormous amount of light while turning off and on.

"There was one bigger object (double size) moving to the coastline (north maybe) while blinking. You could see it emitting enormous light and then turning off again and again, it was turning of and then again lighting up."

The witnes finally tells us that they lost sight of the alien objects while they drove back.

"We lost its sight while we drove back."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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