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Alien Being With Giant Legs Seen by a Hiker in Utah

An alien being with giant legs was seen by a hiker in Moab, Utah recently. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 1 June, 2017.

The witness describes show he saw the alien entity while hiking down Mount Peale.

"Hiking down the east side of Mount Peale I encountered an entity that had two tall elk like legs that crossed my path."

He says that he only saw two legs when he hiking alone.

"Two legs that is all I saw. I was hiking alone with my crew behind me a ways when these giant legs crossed my path."

He then talks about the sound that was audible at that time.

"The only sound I remember was the sound of me trouncing down the mountain."

The witness describes how he intended to follow the legs but was left confused as he did not see any animal or its traces.

"I remember looking to follow these legs and being blinded by the sun expecting to see a full elk towering above me I was left very confused... I spun around expecting to see the animal running away when there was no animal or trace to be seen."

He describes his reaction when he found that no animal was present at the site.

"I was stunned and took a few moments to re-evaluate what I saw and if I could have mistaken something for these legs. There was no such thing."

He then tells us how he decided to report this incident to MUFON after reading about a similar sighting in Ohio or Pennsylvania.

"I'm reporting this now because I had found out about MUFON last month in an article about a man in Ohio or Pennsylvania that saw two large grey legs along a path."

He further says that the other sighting reported to MUFON sounded very similar to his sighting.

"This sounded like quite a similar experience. two tall legs and that's it."

Finally, the witness tells us that people mention a lot of activity in that area but no one reported sighting such an alien being.

"People mentioned a lot of "activity" around the area but no one said anything about this kind of thing. I think this may be connected to some other sightings somehow."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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