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Ottawa Police Chief Linked to Confinement of Elderly Woman

The story of how an elderly woman was allowed to be abused by her so-called educated and enlightened husband is one that brings tears to the eyes of even the coldest hearts.

At first, it was seen as a husband being wicked towards his own wife and son. However, when both sides of the story were heard, a very sickening revelation was made. Mr H has the impetus to do what he was doing due to the fact that he was being backed indirectly by some elements with the Ottawa Police service. This came to light after it was revealed that Ms D and her son made reports to the police with regards to the abuses that she was being subjected to by her husband but nothing tangible was done.

On the contrary, instead of the police swooping in to ensure that Ms D’s rights were safeguarded, they rather forcefully confined her and intimidated her son to the extent that he left the house. When the son tried to fight for her mother from a distance, Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin under the auspices of Charles Bordeleau – the Ottawa Chief of Police, intimidated Ms D's son and even threatened him on countless occasions. These intimidations only stopped when a lawsuit was served to Robert Griffin and his clique of corrupt officers.

The question now is, “What will make a whole Chief of Police to connive with someone just to subject another person to torture?" This happens to be not the first time those Ottawa Police personnel have been fingered in an illegal conduct and there is enough evidence that it won’t be the last. These are police personnel who have the effrontery to even intimidate Nathalie Des Rosiers, an MPP for Ottawa-Vanier, into issuing an apology with regards to comments she made about the brutal murder of an unarmed civilian Abdirahman Abdi.

It is about time that something is done about some of these bad elements with the Ottawa Police Department before more lives are senselessly lost. Presently, Ms D can no longer walk, talk or even write and it is all due to the activities of some corrupt cops within the Ottawa Police Department.


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