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Glowing UFO Appears Near Newmarket, ON

Date: 26 July, 2017.

Place: Newmarket, Province of Ontario, Canada.

A few days ago, on 26 July, a very strange event occurred in the small city of Newmarket, Ontario.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website, “a bright light” was seen hovering over the Ontarian town.

“I was outside on a clear summer night, at 01:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017, on my driveway in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, when I saw what looked to be either a bright helicopter or a plane in the far distance”, the witness related.

“It's common for police helicopters to fly at night around my area, so at first I didn't pay much attention, thinking it was going just to fly overhead in the distance as I was having a smoke. Needless to say as I was smoking I could see it get brighter through the trees”, he added.

However, just out of curiosity, the Newmarket resident decided to walk so as to have a look at the glowing object. “At this point, I walked to get a better look thinking it was just the helicopter, but I was wrong. Instead, this bright light wasn't flashing as the police choppers do in the air, or had the pulsing such as planes do, but it was growing brighter and brighter in almost a heated way”, the unnamed witness expressed.

“I thought at first it was just coming closer because of how bright it got, but actually it was because the object was starting to move fast. This is when I knew I had just seen a UFO”, he stated. “Almost like a scene out of a movie, this constant straight-pathed light shot off into the sky at a speed that I had never seen before”, he continued.

The Canadian citizen also expressed surprise by the incredible speed of the unknown craft. “It took 3 seconds for it to look like a helicopter in the far distance to now being further than the brightest of the stars. I still can't get over how fast it went, but yet it was still visible until it flew past the stars to where you couldn't see it anymore”, he said.

“This isn't the first time I've experienced UFO'S or encounters. I have many more stories that are true”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=85370&rnd=


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