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Holidaymaker Spots Bright UFO Near Port Elgin, ON

Date: 01 August, 2017.

Place: Port Elgin, Province of Ontario, Canada.

A few days ago, on 01 August, a very strange event occurred in Lake Huron, near Port Elgin, Ontario.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a holidaymaker allegedly spotted what he described as “bluish, white” light moving across the sky.

“I was on vacation at my cottage on the shore of Lake Huron just south of Port Elgin, Ontario. The sky viewing is often very good there, and a favourite past time for me is to watch the sky for Iridium satellites or the ISS using an app called ISS Detector”, the witness related. “I had just observed several satellites, as well as the ISS, which was still in view when the unknown object appeared”, he continued.

According to the unknown holidaymaker, the object suddenly rose up from the south and kept on moving across the sky. “The ISS was not particularly bright that night, so I was just about to go inside when my peripheral vision caught something moving. It came from the south and moved almost directly overhead”, he stated.

“It had a bluish white halo around a bright centre. The trailing edge of it seemed brighter, so when I looked directly at it, it had a bit of a horseshoe appearance. But when I looked slightly away from it, I could tell the halo seemed to surround the inner light”, he expressed. In addition, “there was never any noise from the object”.

“At this point I was very excited, and wished someone was viewing it with me, as I knew this was unlike anything I'd seen before. I tried taking some pictures since I had my phone with me running the ISS detector app, but not much showed up”, he commented.

Finally, the UFO was covered by a thick cloud, though it was still bright enough to be seen. “Eventually the light was obscured by high cloud to the north, but the glow produced in the cloud was bright enough to light an area as large as a full moon, (though not as bright of course). The glow lasted perhaps a full minute”, the witness said.

“I have been sky watching for decades, having viewed countless satellites, meteors and planes, but have never seen an object like this. I believe this is the same object that was viewed by several other witnesses who have logged sightings on this site”, he affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=85709&rnd=


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