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Ottawa Judge Sylvia Corthorn Shows Women Can Treat Other Women Worse Than Men

In a recent ruling on an Urgent Motion request, Justice Sylvia Corthorn completely disregarded the civil rights of Dezrin, a now disabled woman and her son who sought to visit that woman to ensure her well-being and safety.  It was on 24 March 2017 that Justice Callum Macloed, a male judge, expressed concern for the safety and security of this elderly woman.  He advocated that a rabbi along with Defence Counsel's lawyer submit to a process of independent verification to ensure that this woman "has not been held prisoner".  But Justice Corthorn completely disregarded this endorsement.  Shocklingly, Justice Corthorn's ruling sided with the husband who had been subjecting this woman to abuse which included social isolation from her son.  Justice Corthorn blocked her son who had at one time acted to save his Mother's life from being able to visit his Mother. 

In Justice Corthorn's ruling, the fact that Dezrin's husband's abuse resulted in this woman not being able to talk, walk or write anymore alongside blocked access by the husband against this woman getting access to vitally needed medical treatment and proper food was apparently not sufficiently an "urgent matter" for Judge Corthorn.

It has been the conventional wisdom that promoting women in higher positions of decision-making authority will enable better treatment of other women who have faced insensitivity and discrimination from men.  But Judge Sylvia Corthorn shows how women in high positions of authority can be just as oppressive as a male judge.

The discrimination that women face in the Justice system and elsewhere is the result of an oppressive archontic mind that need not be limited to males.  Women who rise up the judicial, political and corporate ladder simply become the female face of the oppressors that Judge Corthorn represents.

During ancient times,  the Pagan Gnostics referred to the mind that Justice Sylvia Corthorn appears to express as the "humanized face of manipulative aliens".


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