Gallene Sciences VS Bayer AG: A Lawsuit Against Affordable Healthcare?

Gallene Sciences is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Bayer AG over the use of a slogan that the latter believes is their intellectual property.

However, before we go into the legal issue, let’s take a look at the history and motive behind the creation of Gallene Sciences.

The company is one of the fastest growing companies in the medical and drug manufacturing industry with products that have helped improve the lives of humans and animal through advanced technology. In just a year, the team at Gallene Sciences has made incredible breakthroughs in researches and produced high-grade products for healthy living and strong physiques.

The company has helped in improving the living conditions of people in third world countries who don’t have access to basic healthcare through the creation of generic drugs that makes it easier for people in this region to have access to quality healthcare that won't put a hole in their pocket.

Legal Battle

However, the company’s growth is being hampered by a lawsuit from Bayer AG following a copyright dispute over the use of the slogan “Better life for science.” In the lawsuit, Bayer AG alleged that the slogan is an infringement on their copyright and is meant to deceive customers who make purchases. But looking at the facts, it is easy to see that this is just an apparent misunderstanding and arguably a move by a more prominent company to stop the progress of a growing company that is breaking new grounds in the industry and making health care affordable to people in third world countries.

The legal battle between the two companies would affect Gallene Sciences in more ways than one because the legal fees alone would put a damper on the company’s finances and affect further research in the medical field.

Furthermore, this would affect the credibility of Gallene as a lot of media groups would publish demeaning reports that would most likely lean towards supporting Bayer AG because of their status.

Bayer AG has been in the industry for years, so it is safe to say that they have been able to spread their tentacles across the world. But it is also a fact that getting access to their services is quite difficult for people in third world countries and this has made the rise of Gallene Sciences very rapid in third world countries as more and more people have been able to key into their philosophy.

It is hoped that this issue is resolved as healthcare is extremely sensitive and vital to the quality-of-life of communities which Gallene Sciences has sought to support since its inception.


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