Exopolitics: Researcher Reveals Alien Secret Space Programs

It is a very well-known fact that governments around the world have been working for many years on undercover technology projects in association with alien entities. However, new evidences suggest that this sort of mutual cooperation is older than we thought, and is also now closer than ever.

In an article published in June 2015 on Exopolitics.org, Dr. Michael Salla quotes an alleged ‘whistleblower’ called GoodETxSG (this is his pseudonym) who claims that “earlier human civilisations”, which are still living among us, have “their own secret space program”.

“Using the online pseudonym GoodETxSG, the whistleblower (who announced yesterday that his first name is Corey and that he will soon end his anonymity) has described in interviews and posts on two major online forums his former covert background with a number of secret space programs run by various military, corporate and earlier human civilizations”, Mr Salla states. “Adding another level of complexity to what is really happening with the various secret space programs, GoodETxSG says that off-world extraterrestrial civilizations interact or collaborate with one or more of these secret space programs”, he adds.

In addition, the anonymous informer explains that other alien civilisations are currently working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and this has turned out to be a major threat to humanity. “According GoodETxSG, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed by multiple extraterrestrial civilizations that have created synthetic AI humanoids, only to have them turn against their creators in a manner similar to what was depicted in the remake of the television series, Battlestar Galactica. Consequently, all secret space programs have created security procedures to identify individuals displaying evidence of AI influence”, Dr Salla wrote.

Finally, GoodETxSG comments that the human genome (human DNA structure) is allegedly composed by material from “22 different extraterrestrial races”. “They [alien races] comprise a UN Type Federation of “Off World” beings interested in humanity. This is consistent with the testimony of the ‘contactee’ Alex Collier who claims that extraterrestrials from Andromeda had revealed to him that a total of 22 extraterrestrials races provided the genetic material for humanity”, Dr Salla asserts.

“While there has been no concrete evidence offered to corroborate the testimony of GoodETxSG, his claims are consistent with those of other whistleblowers and/or contactees on a number of significant issues. It’s clear from anyone viewing the extensive postings and commentary by GoodETxSG, that he sincerely believes that his claims are based on truthful events and experiences”, the Australian PhD expresses.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://exopolitics.org/whistleblower-reveals-multiple-secret-space-programs-concerned-about-new-alien-visitors/


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