Triangle-shaped UFO Hovers Over Calgary, Alberta

Date: 13 March, 2018.

Place: Calgary, Province of Alberta, Canada.

Last week, a very unusual incident was witnessed in the city of Calgary, Alberta.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a local resident affirmed to have seen “a triangle-shaped” object hovering over the Canadian metropolis.

“I was standing out on my deck, and when I looked up over the roof of my house I saw something that I first thought was a bird, but it floated down almost like a feather”, the unnamed witness stated. “When I realised it was not a bird of any kind, it changed position and hovered over southwest Calgary”, he continued.

The Canadian citizen added that the unidentified object allegedly bent the light around it, which is not usual in military of civil craft. “It seemed to be bending light around it but I could still make out the shape and see lights on it. It was a triangle shape”, he asserted. The UFO did not emit any sound, too. “I was amazed how silent and elegant it looked”, the Calgary resident said.

The triangular craft remained in the same place for about a minute, and then moved towards a forested area and disappeared. “It was stationary for about 30 seconds as it rotated slowly then I lost sight of it behind the neighbour's trees”, the eyewitness claimed. “I could not find it after that. I estimate that the altitude was about twice as high as a traffic helicopter”, he commented.

Finally, the author of the report recalled another sighting that occurred ten years ago in Sibbald Creek, Alberta. “This is my second sighting. The first was about ten years ago, when I and other campers watched one of the cigar-shaped objects with the big headlight on the front float over our campground in the Alberta foothills, in Sibbald Creek Camp Ground”.

“What's the chance of seeing two UFOs in your lifetime? I can't help wondering who is driving these things”, he expressed.   

Draw your own conclusions…

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