Book Self-Publishing Comes to Ottawa

Are you living in Ottawa? Have you ever wanted to publish a novel but haven’t been sure where to start? Then, this article would be of great help. Today, it’s incredibly easy to birth a book into the world than it used to be several years ago, thanks to self-publishing. But it’s not always so easy to discover the perfect platform to showcase your work.

Presently, there are thousands of book self-publishing agencies each offering different services in a bid to attract writers. However, finding high quality and yet incredibly affordable publishing services can be quite a challenge. This is usually because most self-publishing agencies employ whatever tactics in their arsenal to lure unsuspecting writers into their net, before ripping them off their hard-earned money.

Finding a legitimate self-publishing agency has been made more accessible to writers, as is one of the best agencies that provides incredible services for aspiring and established authors alike. They are an agency that completely understands the self-publishing process and effortlessly gives you the desired result you require from your book after it is published.

Going head-to-head with online publishing services such as CreateSpace, offers writers high quality typesetting services amongst other things. Most writers suffer drastically due to poor typesetting and it greatly affects the success of their book. However, Ottawa writers can now ensure that their book is provided with expert typesetting services to give it a competitive and professional edge in its intended market. Hiring the services of Agora Publishing saves you from all the headaches and risk attributed to substandard typesetting.

It is quite a popular notion that ‘nothing good comes cheap’. However, this is a phrase that has trapped lots of writers, as phony self-publishing agencies capitalize on this to siphon money from unsuspecting writers. That's why has come to the rescue of Ottawa writers by offering high quality services at a very affordable price that wouldn't leave holes in your pocket.

Though self-publishing is most times made extremely strenuous by some self-publishing agencies and traditional publishing houses—as writers have to go through and unnecessary long and tedious process to push out a book that might eventually suffer poor sales. But with, the entire process is simplified, yet highly effective in achieving the writer's goals.

Also, unlike CreateSpace or Lulu, is offering local writers a lot more personalized customer services and attention, to ensure that all their inquiries are attended to much better. They are backed by over 20 years of experience as a not-for-profit book publishing organization, and are run by a group of renowned writers who understand the intricacies of every writer's needs.

So, if you're an author or an aspiring writer in Ottawa, contact now, to get the best personalized self-publishing services to get your work to the desired audience—all at an affordable price and quite hassle-free process.


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