Here's Why Lisa Ann is a Great Snapchat Model

Lisa Ann is a legend in the adult film industry, and one of the most searched for pornstars.

Over her time as an adult film actress, she's won about 20 awards for her roles in porn films, one of them being her infamous portrayal of politician Sarah Palin, and is probably how most of you know her. She's had her vagina molded for Fleshlight, which, if that doesn't make you a big deal in the adult industry, I don't know what does. She's also been an advocate of required condom-use on sets of adult films, and was one of the first to call for legislation mandating it in heterosexual adult films. Besides being an adult actress, she also branched out into directing, producing, being an agent, and evetually owning her own agency -- Lisa Ann's Talent Management. She also made it a point in her career to educate and mentor new, young girls entering the porn industry, and has mentored stars like Belle Knox. She's also a plant-based eater and even holds a degree in dental assisting!

Now, Lisa is a radio personality and does two fantasy sports shows on SiriusXM, and also has her own podcast, "The Lisa Ann Experience.

" She's really a great woman that leads an exciting life outside of porn, which makes her one of the best Snapchat pornstars.

Lisa's snapchat name is (lisaanntrla), and on here you'll see her viewpoint on her day-to-day life, and takes fans along with her on the go. Plus, even though you can't watch her in films anymore, you can see her amazing body on her Snapchat story! This MILF will remind you of why she's one of the top porn stars ever.

Also, as I had mentioned, she works as a fantasy sports radio host, so she's always at the best sporting events. Lisa is also very close with many professional athletes, if you know what I mean, so she has insider knowledge that is unique to her.

Now, not only can you catch exclusive behind-the-scenes of your favorite teams, you get to see the beauty of Lisa Ann's features in your team's gear. Fantasy sports takes a whole other meaning with Lisa Ann.

Lisa is also a promoter and hosts many events at clubs and such, and on her Snapchat you'll be able to see the fun of the events she's hosting.

Of course, miss Lisa Ann is always surrounded by beautiful girls, and you'll get to see her alongside them! She frequently attends conventions, awards, etc. and poses with new, young pornstars of today. By following Lisa on Snapchat, you'll never miss out on who's next in the porn industry, and may even find your newest obsession!

Lisa's Snapchat story alone sounds better than some of the people your following's lives, so why continue only to watch your friends' repetitive, boring stories? Add Lisa Ann today and keep up with a snapchat pornstar legend!


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