Buffalo Writers Go Canadian with Book Self-Publishing

The city of New York has birthed some of the best authors in the literary world, and numerous writers have penned down books about the ‘Big Apple’. If you feel like you’ve witnessed characters from J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye roaming the streets, or were enchanted by the perennial Upper East Side explorer depicted in Harriet the Spy. Maybe you just saw the single ladies struggling in the 1940s cult classic Valley of the Dolls, then you’re officially among the many who live on tales of this bustling city.

Authors have sprung up in Buffalo and thrived, from Fran Striker, creator of Lone Ranger and Green Hornet, to F. Scott Fitzgerald, a renowned novelist. In essence, reading is a culture in the city and more authors are springing up.  Just recently, New York Times bestselling author and TV personality Nicole Lapin inked a deal with BenBella for her next book, “Becoming Super Woman.”

The book has is set to be released in March 2019 as a lead title and major focus of the year for the publisher, who orchestrated backlist books like “The China Study.” However, self-publishing seems to be the way to go and Canadian self-publishing agency Agora Publishing is granting Buffalo writers a chance to share in its immense benefits.

As part of the partnership deal Lapin signed, she will receive a larger portion of the title’s back-end than standard royalties. While royalties are the order of the day in traditional publishing, self-publishing offers a lot more benefits to writers.

Self-publishing with an agency like Agora Publishing guarantees authors retain absolute creative control over their book.  While there is a team of professional writers in-house, writers can still stay true to their vision of the book and yet receive detailed attention that a traditional publisher in Buffalo or anywhere else might not care to give. 

Admittedly, it can be quite difficult to find cheap but yet quality self-publishing services, that why writers in Buffalo should opt for the Canadian company. They are back by over 20 years if experience and offer quality services that are unrivalled. Self-publishing also guarantees faster exposure and this ultimately leads to high revenue from sales.

So many authors can be so engrossed in the writing of their book that they some how fail to notice sentences or paragraphs or even whole chapters that should actually get chopped off. But with expert editors and marketers who understands the needs of the reader, writers can get spot on advice to help ramp up the sales of their book.

At Agora Publishing, writers in Buffalo are guaranteed the chance of having higher copies of his or her book sold rather than a few copies. This is because the Canadian outfit are committed to doing absolutely everything possible to ensure that all books published gets patronized by numerous readers.

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