Aliens: Ohio Resident Describes Encounter With Three Humanoid Entities

Date: 18 March, 2018.

Place: Ohio State, United States.

A few weeks ago, on 18 March, a very unusual incident was witnessed in Ohio, United States.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a resident who was camping in an undetermined rural area affirmed to have seen “three human-like figures” running through a group of bushes.

“I was looking for a spot to set up a quick campsite in a small patch of woods along a public bicycle path in west central Ohio. I was cold and eager to get a small fire going and get inside my sleeping bag”, the witness expressed. “The area is a refuge for stray cats. Many locals drop off their unwanted or stray cats in this area and some local, kind-hearted folks feed them and provide plastic containers for shelter. When I found what I thought would be a suitable spot to set camp, I set my bag down and walked a few steps to a large tree to empty my bladder. I had a small flash light in my bag but the night sky provided enough light after my eyes adjusted”, he added.

The Ohio resident explained that he soon found the place where the shelter for the cats had been built. However, next to it, he saw something unusual. “Suddenly, a cat dashed through the bush very near me and kind of startled me; then, another appeared further to left. As I looked toward the sound of the last cat running, I could make out the shape of the plastic containers in a small circle that housed some of the cats”, he described. “I then noticed three sets of pinkish/orange glowing objects with slight movement. I first assumed the glowing objects were the reflection of three cats’ eyes. After watching the objects (approximately 30 seconds), I saw that the glowing things were in fact some sort of eyewear worn by three human-like figures”, he asserted.

The American citizen also gave details about the humanoids’ appearance. “As I knelt down to watch, I could see these figures were handling the cats, and were wearing a very low, reflective, off white or gray coverall. I also noticed they were shorter than me. I’m 5 feet 10 inches and I’d guess they were 8 to 10 inches shorter than me”, he said. He also affirmed that the entities telepathically communicated with him. “After about two minutes, all three subjects turned their heads towards me. Thinking they could have been animal control workers and not wanting to frighten them, I stood up and said ‘how are you doing?’ With no vocal response, all three begun moving towards me, instantly closing the 30 feet that separated us”, he commented. “Slowly, again, I spoke saying ‘what are you, guys, doing out here?  However, while they continued moving towards me, I heard them talking or communicating, but inside my head, and in a strange whisper I couldn’t understand”, he claimed.

Finally, after this eerie encounter, the unnamed witness decided to run away from the unknown entities. “I just turned and ran. I then walked a circle around the area and noticed no vehicles or signs of activity”, he stated.

Draw your own conclusions…

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