Ontario Election: Amit Pitamber Runs in Scarborough Rouge Park for Trillium Party

Amit Pitamber, is a project coordinator for eighteen years and has a sign consulting agency called Graphic Solutions. He migrated from Guyana and has lived in Canada for over 20 years. In fact, Amit grew up, went to school, and started working in Scarborough, ON.

“In the years I’ve worked in Scarborough, I’ve seen the decline in the quality of life for most residents, with rising gas prices, electricity prices, property taxes, and daycare costs. I joined the Trillium Party of Ontario to represent the residents of Scarborough Rouge Park and to give back to the community by working for them.”

Amit most importantly believes in people, their rights and concerns, and protecting their way of life. His main focus is to help families and small businesses. Amit says he can accomplish this because the Trillium Party of Ontario does not have a whipped vote. This means that he represents the people and not the party.

“We will axe the carbon tax that will raise the cost of everything that’s shipped, and trucked in, like gasoline and groceries. This hurts families and small businesses, we need businesses to thrive in Ontario we need jobs in Ontario.”

Another priority for Amit is to better track healthcare expenses so that way people don’t have to wait for hospital beds and wait long hours at the emergency room. “With our growing and aging population there will be a greater need for accessible healthcare in Ontario.” It’s better money management by way of using a smart OHIP chip card. The purpose of this is to track individual services and costs provided to each citizen.

“Your vote will make a difference, your vote will count towards something different, something better.”

You can contact Amit Pitamber at (647) 886-8906


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