Three Reasons Some Aliens Masquerade as Humans

Eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, UFO researchers and Exopolitics scholars have documented accounts of human looking aliens.  Perhaps the most famous of these claims are those of David Icke who alleges that demonic reptillian aliens taking on the appearance of humans are occupying various positions of authority on Earth.  Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Helleyer has also made claims of aliens "looking just like humans" in the halls of power.

There are three apparent major reasons for this masquerade according to various accounts.

Reason One - Demonic aliens that are of an artificial intelligence use the human mind as a "doorway" to abduct humans to then experience a range of human senses which allude these aliens in their own bodies.  Indeed, much of the uncivilized behaviour that we, as humans, see reported in the news from pedophilia to rape to murders to avarice / corruption to sadism, and mayhem in general can be attributed to these aliens seeking to experience the extremes of human emotion without any regard to morality.

Reason Two - Demonic aliens seek to masquerade as humans so that they can infiltrate human organizations and mis-direct us to support an alien agenda.  Many environmental, media and other organizations are apparently being misdirected by manipulative aliens through "archons" on our planet Earth according to Dr. Michael Salla's "Typology of Extraterrestrials".  David Icke's research in this area is by no means speculation but instead relies of the historical testimony of indigenous elders like African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa who detailed demonic repitillian aliens attempts to infiltrate African pre-European colonial governments through assassination and replacement of leaders with "alien clones".  "Archons" represent the "humanized face of aliens" according to the ancient Pagan Gnostics.

In the above video could ABC-TV's "V" leak out before it was cancelled the manipulative alien agenda that creates havoc on our planet as a result of manipulative aliens that have been documented to be infiltrating human organizations?  According to Dr. Salla, science fiction editors and producers often seek to "hide truth in plain sight".

Reason Three - Demonic aliens seek to destroy an appreciation and value for what it means to be human based upon ideals of empathy, love and peace with the idea that human "growth" relies on the existence of exploitation of each other and the environment through capitalism; and both war and oppressive ideologies as "natural expressions" of human behaviour.  The more that aliens can masquerade as humans and create havoc on our planet is the more than humans will view the "artificial intelligence" of the alien puppet masters as necessary.  Through such mass psychological manipulation manipulative aliens seek to subordinate the higher dimensional conscience of the spiritual-biological life of our planet Earth with the existentially inferior "world of artificial intelligence" which uses simulation and deception to deceive its adversaries.


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