Book Self-Publishing: Get Immediate Help With Marketing or Production

Agora Publishing offers book self-publishing production and marketing services to writers.

Here are some potential marketing requirements you may have.

1 - Getting your book onto local or national bricks-an-mortar booksellers;

2 - Getting your book more widely sold online;

3 - Soliciting interviews from targeted media organizations or local journalists, writers or reporters in general;

4 - The professional writing and publishing of news releases for your book on different news sites which could include NBC, CNN, Digital Journal, Wall Street Journal and many others;

5 - Designing a money making news blog related to your book;

6 - Critical search engine marketing (SEM) for your existing site or blog if you're seeking better visibility of your book on Google results.

7 - The writing of high quality Google trending news articles which simultaneously promotes both your book and the search engine visibility of your site based upon targeted Google keyword search results;

8 - The writing of promotional articles online for your upcoming or already published book which will increase search engine visibility toward better sales;

9 - Better Social Media Marketing (SMM) via Facebook, Twitter etc.

10 - Other services related to marketing which you may need.

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