Anthony Bourdain Knew A Lot, Viral Conspiracy Theory Claims

Almost immediately the news broke that Anthony Bourdain had tragically taken his own life, the internet ran amok with numerous conspiracy theories. Emmy award winning presenter, Bourdain, was known primarily for his exploits in different parts of the world, partaking in different cultures for both the CNN and the Food Network.

According to a report, Bourdain was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room in Kayseresberg, France, on June 8 at the age of 61. Investigators have come out to say that they do not believe there was any foul play involved and that an autopsy will determine if there were any drugs or alcohol in Bourdain’s system at the time of death.

“The case is closed. There is no indication of any involvement by a third person, and we’re ready to give the body to his family,” said Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny, in a New York Times report. When quizzed about the toxicology testing, de Rocquiqny said, “This is solely to give the family more information about the motivations and the cause of death. We have no indication that he was consuming alcohol the days before his death or changed his behavior.”

Bourdain’s body was reportedly discovered by his friend and fellow chef, Eric Ripert.

While one might be quick to dismiss claims from conspiracy theorists, in a world where secrecy to the existence of alien beings, UFOs and more sophisticated technology is heavily guarded, there might be elements of truth in conspiracy theories like that of Bourdain’s.

Although Mr. Bourdain's death has been officially declared a suicide, many see his untimely passing a rather suspicious and unexpected one.Lots of people on Twitter have been making claims of murder in Bourdain’s case. Many conspiracy theorists jumped on author Sarah Kendzior’s tweet about Bourdain’s heavy criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Bourdain was an outspoken critic of dictators, including Vladimir Putin, for years. In 2013 he interviewed Russian dissident Boris Nemtsov, who was murdered in 2015,”Kendzior wrote.

A certain Twitter user, Josh Leggett, wrote, that Bourdain was killed because of his role in the #MeToo movement and that Bourdain was a target of Harvey Weinstein.

“Anthony Bourdain might have been murdered, remember he was one of the first to expose Harvey Weinstein and the rape culture amongst Hollywood’s Extremely rich and powerful. 2 other people also died the exact same way when trying to expose child sex trafficking in Hollywood,” Leggett tweeted.

Another person, J. Kayfabe, tweeted that “Bourdain ruffled a lot of feathers in other countries.. is it at all possible he was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide.”

Info Wars’ host Alex Jones also jumped on the conspiracy theory wagon via his radio show, Media Matters. Jones comments shortly after the news of Bourdain’s death broke that he was murdered because he was “planning to basically do a Kanye West.”

Early 2018, West publicly declared his support for President Donald Trump on Twitter and Jones said that Bourdain’s death “had learned about the big awakening that was happening.”

“Bourdain had decided to go the Kanye West route. That is 100 percent from people there with him, meeting with him, Elon Musk, the whole nine yards. Elon Musk is in complete danger right now. Again, if he hangs himself, it’s murder, ladies and gentlemen. Or if his jet crashes, it’s murder,” said Jones.

“They definitely killed Tony Bourdain. That’s what they think, it’s a message to Musk. He’s going to go public, just like Kanye West.”

There’s room for possibility that there might be more to what we know and over the years, skeptics have argued that a lot of coverups are being perpetuated. These skeptics have also noted that the US government in particular have been secretive over numerous things like utilizing silent crafts for covert operations.

"The average American has no idea what technology the government has. They are far ahead of what they allow to be released to the sleeping masses. They don't need technology from the so-called Aliens. Just like the average American has no idea what is going on in other countries. Just because the sheeple don't know about it doesn't mean it came from nonhuman beings. Just like this post, it's all part of The Great Deception leading the sheeple into something they can not get out of,” commented Arliss Young, a YouTube user.

A blog post from a website Neon Nettle, has been constantly discredited by media houses. The article titled “Anthony Bourdain Was About to Expose an Elite Pedophile Ring Before He Died” stated that the journalist/chef wanted to investigate an elite Atlanta child trafficking network before he was killed.

“As the world still reels in shock at the news that journalist Anthony Bourdain has been found dead, the evidence is now emerging that the mainstream reporter was about to expose an elite pedophile ring just before he died,” stated the article.

More recently, following news of a major child trafficking bust, sources are stating that Bourdain was planning on running an exposéon the sex slave network.

However, in a criticism of this theory, Snopes wrote, “the text of the article was a typical Neon Nettle disjointed word salad that provided absolutely no substantiation or documentation for their assertion that Bourdain was ‘about to expose an elite pedophile ring.’”


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