Petition: Ottawa's Community Care Access Centre Sponsors Spousal Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has become a growing concern in Canada, with data revealing that more cases are being reported—placing the figures at almost double the value in the past 10 years.

In Canada, the security of its senior citizens is of great concern, with a large number of the population either seniors or soon-to-be.  According to data from Statistics Canada, around eight million people, amounting to 25 per cent of the population will be 65 or older by 2031.

Previously an anonymous problem, elder abuse is increasingly being reported to the media and authorities.

"Recognizing elder abuse, and knowing who to report it to, is key," said Isobel Mackenzie, British Columbia's seniors advocate, in a press release.

According to the Government of Canada, one in five Canadians believes they know of a senior who might be experiencing some form of abuse.

“Elder abuse is any action by someone in a relationship of trust that results in harm or distress to an older person. Neglect is a lack of action by that person in a relationship of trust with the same result. Commonly recognized types of elder abuse include physical, psychological and financial. Often, more than one type of abuse occurs at the same time,” states the government’s website.

“Abuse can be a single incident or a repeated pattern of behaviour.”

For more than two years, the Champlain Community Centre (CCAC) in Ottawa havebeen accused of elder abuse, ensuring that an abusive husband continues to abuse his elderly wife.

While "extended care facilities" have been implicated in all manner of inhumane abuse of the elderly, the CCAC in this case, apparently sought to ignore the wishes of Dezrin—a sick elderly woman—to see her son who had protected her from abuse until he was overpowered by both her husband and the support of the CCAC.

Dezrin lost the ability to walk, write and talk within less than four weeks of being abused and neglected without the support of her son, Raymond. The CCNA worked in tandem with her abusive husband o ensure that Dezrin’s access to nutritious food, medicine, and vitally needed therapy prescribed by the Bruyere Hospital in Ottawa was denied.

Raymond is yet to see his mother since 2015, as all efforts to safe guard his mom’s health and well-being have proved abortive due to the CCAC’s involvement.

However, a petition has been put up against the CCAC to ensure that they quit allying themselves with the perpetrators of domestic abuse and violence andgrant Raymond immediate access to his mother. Also, Cornwall resident, Robert Carriere, has identified himself as a victim of elder abuse. 70-year-old Carriere, has an ailing heart, COPD and lost a leg. He is confined to a wheelchair and requested for a new electric wheelchair but says that the Champlain Local Area Health Network (LHIN) denied his request without been given a good reason.

“They say I can do too much, but I’m lost without my chair,” he said in a report.

Though Carriere currently has an electric wheelchair, he says that he had it inspected by paramedics who say that the engine is failing. He is afraid of the risk of being out in his old electric wheelchair and having it fail on him suddenly.

“The chair is making a lot of noise,” said Carriere. “All the CCAC would do was buy me two new batteries.”

part of his life as he still tries to be independent and active. He said that the new chair would aid him visit the clinic when he needed to and that he still enjoys going fishing during the summer.

Los Angeles police are also investigating reports of elder abuse against Marvel comics mogul, Stan Lee. The investigation was revealed in a restraining order granted against Lee’s carer, Keya Morgan, who in recent months has been acting as his business manager and personal adviser.

According to the order filled on Lee’s behalf by his former lawyer Tom Lallas, Morgan, 42, is accused of taking advantage of Lee’s impaired hearing, vision and judgment, relocating Lee from his long-time family home and preventing family and close associates from contacting him.

"Mr Morgan is unduly influencing Mr Lee and isolating him," MrLallas wrote.


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