Alien Propaganda and Not The Internet Undermines Newspaper Industry

There has been much talk overt the years how the internet has been undermining the newspaper industry.  In a National Post article, the internet's free content was blamed for the undermining on the newspaper industry. And why should people want to buy newspapers when they can get their content for free this article elaborates.  This article also elaborates that local newspapers are a vital part of supporting the "information food chain" in a democratic society.

Sounds like a reasonable article at first.  However, such a line of reasoning is arguably misleading sophistry. 

The big problem of the newspaper industry has been consolidation over the last 30 years.  This consolidation began before the internet became big.  This consolidation appears to have been driven by an effort of a circle of elites who have sought to limit your information to "news" that will keep your attention away from critical issues that would detract from their commercial profit margin in the toxic non media companies these elites own.

However, the even bigger problem as presented in Dr. Micheal Salla's "Typology of Extraterrestrials" is that alleged manipulative interdimensional aliens that also preside over Earth's political-military-industrial complexes have sought to control humans through traditional media sources like local newspapers.

It has been also alleged that Human Ethical Extraterrestrials led in part by a race named to be 'Procyons' who oppose alleged joint AI and repitilian control helped to launch the internet to stall manipulative aliens from launching a "New World Order" through control of traditional media and the human owners who have sold out to alien interests in exchange for the lifestyles they seek.

Take for example a newspaper like the Toronto Star.  This newspaper used to be excellent until about the late 1980s - long before the internet.  The Star used to be at the forefront of critical issues related to Canada's sovereignty like the free trade debates of the mid to late-1980s.But since the 1990s, more and more newspapers like the Toronto Star have become a waste of paper pushing out tired and relentless corporate propaganda along with other tired "fluff" journalism and people who seek the 'truth' have had to turn to the internet because they sense the social and ecological decline of our planet and no that trying to get answers and engaging debate from corporate controlled newspapers is a total waste of time. It is the moguls who own these newspapers that are responsible for all the problems in our world. 

So, why would we want to keep reading their garbage when the internet provides for more accurate sources of news and information?

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