Russian Government Hides Information On Advanced Underwater Alien Civilisation

On 27 June, YouTube user and UFO researcher Strange Things released an interesting video in which he discussed a very unusual situation that is currently taking place in Russia.

According to him, there is a “very peculiar supernatural activity that one suspects may involve alien creatures, responsible for mysterious events related to Russian submarines of the times of the Soviet Union”; however, the Russian authorities are keeping in secret these incidents.

“Two researchers called Paul Stonehill and Philip Mandel have decided to get to the bottom of these mysterious events, and for this reason they have interviewed a Russian military commander, who spoke of aquatic alien lifeforms”, the ufologist stated. “Stonehill and Mandel correlate the strange incidents to some passenger aircraft caused by underwater UFO activities such as to put out of use the instrumentation of the aircraft, thus losing their orientation”, he added.

The YouTube user also mentioned that Mr Stonehill and Mr Mandel also interviewed several eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen extraterrestrial creatures living under the sea. “There are witnesses who report encounters with sea creatures of extraterrestrial and highly unusual objects sited in the seafloor”, he explained. “One of the most impressive statements derives from Major General V. Demyanenko, who said that he and his team of divers had long ago spotted and encountered a race of humanoid aliens who have been nicknamed ‘the swimmers’”, he continued.

“These aliens [the ‘swimmers’] came out of an underwater tunnel and measured about three meters in height. They used silver clothes and spherical helmets while they live in the frozen waters that surround the Russian territory of Siberia”, Strange Things asserted. “The Soviet Navy attempted to capture one of these creatures, but they said that these beings shot an enormous source of energy as a form of defence”, he claimed.

Another high-level official called V. Domislovski also affirmed that “there is an object about 900 metres long in the ocean” which has occasionally been seen by Russian ships. “However, any attempt to speak or disclose such information has led only to silence in the public domain”, the ufologist commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

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