Toronto: Danforth Shootings Suggest Alien Mind-Control

Faisal Hussain, 29, was identified by authorities on Monday, 23 July 2018 as the man who carried out the previous night’s rampage in Greektown. This apparent lone gunman walked down a sidewalk on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, killing two people and injuring 13 others.  In Dr. Michael Salla's "Typology of Extraterrestrials" he cites specifically named alien races as being responsible for various form of manipulation which apparently include mind control.

The apparent goal of the combined effort of various regressive aliens is to create more and more havoc on the planet which will make humans more distrustful of each other, which will enable a consortium of Nazis allegedly operating from Antartica in "New Swabia" and interdimensional manipulative aliens to continue to exploit planetary resources; and humans as one of those "planetary resources".

Assuming that Dr. Salla is correct, the Toronto shooting takes on a different narrative than the one which is being promoted by the mass-media which Dr Salla identifies as being largely controlled by manipulative aliens.

In this alternative narrative, Hussain's mental illness becomes a convenient media cover for having been subjected to alien mind control.  Just because someone has a mental illness doesn't of course mean they are "dangerous".  The mass media downplays this fact to focus on the alien spin they are directed to promote.  However, the mental illness become a good cover story.

Once the shooter's work is done, an operative working for these aliens then needs to make sure that the shooter "kills himself".  That is because, shooters who live and then say they became overwhelmed by some external force which seemed to take command of their body would naturally lead to a suspicious public.This kind of behaviour which lacked any empathy for the human targets was most definitely the apparent result of alien entities piloting this human.

Most Torontonians might think that aliens are far, far away.  But many years ago, Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of suggested that Toronto was at the northern edge of an area dubbed the "Great Lakes Triangle" and that underwater alien bases may exist within this triangle which has been associated with paranormal activity. [above video]

If you think aliens controlling Toronto's media spin machine is pretty far fetched, you might be making a sad mistake.  Many years ago I was way upon on the top floor of one of Toronto's biggest news organization.  It was then I saw one "creepy" looking guy who was apparently a big executive there.   He didn't quite look human to me.  His face seemed to me quite mottled.   But, that's just my opinion.  I had kept starring at him but trying not to stare at "him".

In the article 'Mind Control: The Ultimate Terror', the author suggested more apparent Cell Phone Towers are being erected.  That is apparently because many towers which resemble those used for cell phones are actually being used to mind control humans into certain dysfunctional behviours that can be used by a consortium of human elites and aliens that seek support a New World Order.


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