Alien-like Ottawa Police Officer Makes $129,000/yr to Repress Little Old Lady

Most Ottawa Police officers pride themselves in seeking to be responsible, and seek to make our nation’s capital a better place free of crime.  By contrast, there apparently those like Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin Jr.  Back on 15 June 2015 he reportedly threatened social service workers seeking to protect a woman from her abusive husband.  His actions suggest that it might be linked to a regressive alien agenda.   It seems that manipulative aliens are seeking to embed themselves through a network of human hosts.  The husband had apparently been in contact with these aliens seeking to demand that humans join their "Bio-Electrical Union".

Working for the abused husband, Detective Robert Griffin then set out a campaign which continues to this day of circumventing police authority in behalf of the abusive husband.  Thanks to this “fine” Detective, the abused woman was forcibly separated from her son who had sought to protect his Mother from the abuse.

It appears that the Mother has been subjected to medical interference by these aliens and that they didn't want the son getting in the way of their efforts to get the husband to inflict abuse against the Mother whose medical condition began to suffer after her husband began to complain about "Extraterrestrials" that began a process of slowing taking over his mind.  Once expert of aliens has alleged that the husband's mind was taken over by a race of demonic reptilians seeking to experience human bodies,

Anyways, when the son showed Detective Robert Griffin at note from his mom that "Dad Abuses Me" that she wanted him to show police officers, this "fine" detective then began to execute a plan.  His plan was not to protect the woman but to pretend the note didn't even exist and then to pursue a campaign of harassment and manipulation directed against the son who prides himself on standing up for the rights of women including the rights of his own Mom.

The result is that the woman having been deprived of support from social service workers and her son, this woman within weeks of the abuse could no longer walk, write or talk anymore.  Who, but a low-life would be responsible for mis-using police authority to support their own apparent misogyny.  In fact, could such a police officer be even scarcely called human?  What's the going rate to oppress little old ladies these days?  According to the Open Government website, just over $129,000/yr.

The Canadian obtained a voice excerpt above of Robert Griffin's efforts to call the son as part of a calculated strategy of harassment [above video].

In one of Robert Griffin's "un-police like" fits he had illegally stalked the son while he was grocery shopping.  When the son was just about to go in the house, the "fine" officer proceeded to illegally block his driveway (as if he was in hot pursuit) in an unmarked car while he was out of police uniform.  He then proceeded to encroach on the son's personal space as if he was going to "head-butt" him making a series of threats that he was not to talk to friends and family about the abuse his Mother faced; and implied that if her husband wanted to abuse her, he should be able to do that as the "man of the house".

Robert Griffin drifted onto the scene when the husband began to complain about "an Extraterrestrial threat".  The husband only became abusive after he began to complain about "aliens" contacting him in "multi-dimensional space" alongside paranormal activity taking place at their Kanata home.

This begs the question to what extent if any Robert Griffin may actually be human in light of his apparent non-human tendencies shown that would seek to condemn an old lady to perpetuated suffering and sickness?  Who would deprive a little old lady from her own son who had been her primary care giver than some sort of human appearing alien described by David Icke, Dr. Michael Salla and many indigenous people like Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa?


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