Noah's Ark: How Humans and Animals Were Abducted into This Alien Universe

Noah's Ark may in fact be a metaphor of our true origins as humans in this universe.  Indeed, Dr Michael Salla has suggested in how manipulative aliens "hide truth in plain sight".  Why are humans along with other biological life forms on this planet called Earth that exists in an solar system apparently barren of other carbon-based life forms? 

Is it because a "Divine God" or gods put us here with other life forms as organized religions like Christianity, Islam or Judaism would have us believe? Or did life on our planet just start here from some mathematical coincidence of bacteria along  with other life building blocks landing here from some space trek and then evolving here having just missed Mars and other planets?

According to researchers like Gerry Zeitlin, both of these explanations of human origins as being from "evolution" or a "Divine God(s)" are out of the minds of manipulative aliens.

The Noah's Ark construct presents perhaps a more accurate context which rings much more true of humans and other life forms on this planet having been brought here from a parallel universe where other humans carbon-based life forms can be abundantly found.

Such researchers suggest that Earth was "terraformed" out of "biological products" brought here by manipulative alien kidnappers and that "Noah's Ark" is a code name for the huge alien ships which docked here after having battled with humans from our own carbon-based universe.

One can also safely deduct that if true, humans and other life forms were not brought here "for our own good".  Humanity's path of perpetuated war and destructiveness on Earth are all the apparent result of AI aliens seeking to exploit humans as resources for their own "entertainment"; genetic experimentation and even "food" according to reports associated with whistleblowers.

Like Noah's Ark, the Armageddon scenario in the Book of Revelation should not be taken as some religious "jibberish" but an actual plan that "alien" God has for humans.

Some people allege that the End of Times scenario is imminent unless humans get quickly inspired by David Icke's warning and begin to wake up!

Humans can only save their souls from the "alien devil" by the turning of our back against the AI agenda of this universe against humans and other biological life forms.

David Icke pointed to the Moon and the universe in general as spawning AI

Yes, there's an actual "God" for this universe and not the one described by organized religion that seeks to "look out" for humans.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to the alien God that AI beings including alleged clones of humans that seek oversee humans as the "Demiurge" - a demonic psyochpatic entity of artificial intelligence that seeks for humans to worship it.

When the Pagan Gnositcs elevated their consciousness the saw the solar system and its existence in the universe as "hal" or more precisely a holographic simulation which resulted in the universe being produced from the geometric configurations of a sophisticated computer.  The Pagan Gnostics called this universe a crude replication of our own universe.

The Demiurge chiefly operates on Earth through "fallen angels" which are demons that can infiltrate the human mind an appear as an angelic being.  Such "fallen angels" sometime work "miracles" to fool humans into whatever destructive direction the Demiurge seeks.

According to Alex Collier, he was told by Ethical Humanoid Extraterrestrials that humans and other life forms on Earth came from Lyra but not the "fake" Lyra dubbed that way by AI in this universe.  Alex Collier suggests that if humans who have been entrapped by AI in this universe could travel back to the universe that humans on Earth originated from, they would not see barren planets but whole constellations with a total of over 400 billion other humans

The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to this Universe an an accidental byproduct spawned by the creation of our "home universe" which resulted in this universe of "Artificial Intelligence",  The ancient Pagan Gnostics perceived as among the AI beings of this universe one that resembled an aborted foetus currently linked to on-going abductions of humans and other biological life forms on Earth.  The ancient Pagan Gnostic described the one that resembled a foetus as originating from violent fractal reactions of matter which would sometimes evolve into a demonic "reptilian" beast that have been observed by humans in alien abduction reports.


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