Toronto Man Charged after Alleged Road Rage Incident, Man Clings to Car Hood

The Ontario provincial police says Toronto driver is facing charges after a video footage showed said man clinging to the hood of a car while it was moving at highway speed.

The police says the incident took place on a Wednesday morning on highway 404.

42-year-oldEdward Ennis from Scarborough is facing charges for driving along a highway in North York on a Wednesday morning while another man was clinging to the hood of his car. This ‘daredevil’ ride was allegedly due to road rage.

The Ontario Provincial Police said the perilous encounter occurred around 10 a.m. as one driver tried to merge into traffic on highway 404 from an on-ramp at Finch Ave. while the second driver denied him entry.

Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the O.P.P told CBC Toronto that the police had spoken to both parties and that one of the men was being charged with dangerous driving and assault with a weapon in connection with the highway 404 incident.

“One guy was allegedly cut off by another guy, there was some honking and shouting and frustration between two drivers,” OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt said Thursday.

“When the two vehicles came to a stop in traffic soon after, one driver approached the other vehicle and some property was thrown,” he added.

The driver who was still in his car initially told the CBC that it was a toolbox that was tossed at him. This was after he had refused to let the other driver merge in front of him on the busy highway.

“Then he went back to his car, so I got out, took a picture of his license plate and maybe him, and then he sped towards me,” Dave Yeomans alleged.

Yeoman claims he had to jump on the hood of the car so the driver wouldn’t run him over. He remembers thinking, “Just hold on to the hood and wiper blades, and hope he doesn’t swerve.”

Yeomans told the CBC that he could remember hearing the car’s engine ‘revving’ beneath him throughout the whole situation, which was captured on video by a separate motorist’s dashcam.

Schmidt said the car traveledat a speed of about 100km/h and covered close to 500 meters before it stopped and the man (Yeoman) slid off the hood miraculously avoiding any injury.

“This guy was holding on for dear life by the tips of his fingers,” he said. “If the driver had swerved or changed lanes, he could easily have fallen off the hood and been run over by another vehicle.”

He also told CBC Toronto that there are ways to avoid situations like this from happening.

"A little bit of patience, consideration, kindness goes a long way in preventing these types of situations from escalating from a simple annoyance to a point where someone could have very easily been killed," he said. According to Schmidt, the incident could have ended in a major injury or worse, death.

Scarborough resident, Edward Ennis has been charged with dangerous driving as well as assault with a weapon (vehicle).


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