Health: Balance becomes the answer

Whether you're dining with the girls, popping candies at your family holiday gift-exchange, or sipping coffee with co-workers on a Tuesday in mid July, if there's going to be food involved, it's assured that one person will take the liberty to discuss it.  This person has a sweet tooth, and their question is probably the classic probing as to why too much dessert is a bad thing. We've all seen it. I'm talking about the individual who'll back their argument with an irrelevant explanation (probably having something to do with YOLO) while they reach for a third brownie on that chipped china plate.

 We all know it's a rhetorical question. They've already chosen chocolate to be a corpulent part of their daily life. But nevertheless you're still thinking the answer. You know exactly why excessive dessert is a bad thing. Isn't it obvious? Besides impending obesity, it's time they faced the fact that their life really isn't balanced.  And in current day North America, with everything at our fingertips, balance is all that we need.

Here's a fact: Your life isn't balanced either. The reality of the situation is that you're against a second slice of dessert because you're against dessert completely. You're one of the many in North America who have been born and raised under the all or nothing rein of the media. Consequently, our society doesn't even understand the concept of balance. It's partly why we're so comically ridden with illness and so utterly unstable.

 Without balance there is room for disease, discomfort, and distraught. Think about it. If balance is at zero on a linear scale, then everything else is either a positive or a negative. Too much positive is exactly that. It equates to behaviours and outcomes we'd describe as "too much", leading to obesity and overload. And likewise, on the opposite side of the spectrum, one will experience the expression "not enough". The likely results are depravity and ignorance.

Look at those who believe in cleanliness as an extreme. They've consistently reduced all of their contact with any sort of germ, and shockingly enough, developed the inability to come into contact with any sort of bacteria or dirt. They've effectively reduced the function of their immaculate body and immune system by manipulating the natural balance of their environment. We've allowed ourselves to be manoeuvred by advertisements for the most powerful hand sanitizer and succumb to irrational fear.  

Just turn on the television and you'll see ad after ad promoting bigger and better. What we need to be asking ourselves is what bigger and better guarantees besides the imminent death of our sanity and health as a continent.

So what does balance have to offer? What does balance guarantee for you in a world of so many guarantees? Well, it's a state that is neutral with promise for peace. You'll be introduced to the authentic harmony of self, in your highest state of awareness. This means in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. You'll know you've mastered it when life is effortless. Your mind should be peaceful, your actions graceful, and your words loving. Fear is what takes us to extremes, so simply choose to let it pass remain balanced.

 This is a world of polarities folks, and if you're not balanced in body, mind, and soul, than you're surely stuck in a rut at one end of the spectrum. The illusion we allow ourselves to believe is that one side of the spectrum is better than the other, when in actuality the best place to be is right in between. There are two sides to chaos, and both of them are equally as toxic and addicting. Let's choose to release ourselves from this sardonic game we play, misguidedly flailing ourselves back and forth between the positive and the negative, and let's say yes to peace, to health.

This means saying no to seconds and saying yes to firsts. And I encourage you to tell that particular individual with the brownie smudge on their chin, the same thing I've told you- Be peaceful. Be healthy. Be-- balanced. 

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